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Tips for Improving Your Zoom Event Security

At Zoom, we support the free and open exchange of thoughts and ideas; but user safety is also a top priority. Zoom Events is an all-in-one event platform with the power to create virtual experiences that attendees will love. We are proud to promote meaningful and interactive online events around the globe, and we also want to empower you to help keep your events safe and secure. This page contains tips and tools to help prevent and respond to unwelcome content and intrusions in your hybrid and virtual events.

Tips for Improving Your Zoom Event Security

Tips for Enhancing Security Before Your Event Begins

  • Enable geographic access: Select the countries or regions where users will not be allowed to register for your event. Ticket availability will be limited to users outside these countries and regions only. Users located in these countries and regions will not be able to register for the event.
  • Set up Event Contact Info: Attendees can use this email address to contact you. Zoom will continue to contact you through the email address associated with your Zoom account.
  • Link to a Payment Processor: Link to third-party partners to process payments with trusted payment processors.
  • Review Submitted Content: As a host, you can review content such as Speaker Bios, Documents and Polls created by Speakers and Sponsors before it is published to a Zoom Event.
  • Manage Notifications: Control what notifications are sent from Zoom Events and what notifications you want to send on your own.
  • Raise Funds: Are you fundraising at your event? Read about how to set up Fundraising in Zoom Events.
  • Setup Start/End Times: Control the timing of your ticket sales, event sessions, Expo floor, and Lobby to ensure your event registrants and attendees have access to various elements of your Zoom Event when you want.
  • Customize In-Session Settings: For meeting and webinar sessions, choose to use the settings found in the account of the Zoom Events license holder or customize settings from within Zoom Events.
  • Use Special Role Tickets: Reserve tickets for crucial contributors to your Zoom Event using the ‘Special Role Tickets,’ which will automatically issue tickets to Alternative Hosts, Speakers, Sponsors, Panelists, and Interpreters.
  • Cancel Registrations: Hosts can cancel orders for single/series events and automatically process refunds for paid events.
  • Give Direct-Join Access: Easily provide access to speakers by issuing them a Zoom Event direct-join link and verification code. This will bypass their registration and allow them to join directly into the desired session.

Tips for Enhancing Security During Your Event

  • Take Control: Use the Control Panel to enable/disable chat and reset chat messages for Session, Lobby, Expo, and sponsor chats.
  • Moderate: Add users to your Zoom Event as moderators to review incidents along with details such as reported users, content, reason, report time, reporter, and latest update.
  • Prevent annotation: When you disable the annotation feature, you decrease the chances of disruptions.
  • Prevent attendees from changing names: Attendees of your event won’t be able to change their screen name during your event.
  • Prevent attendees from unmuting themselves: You have the power to mute/unmute any and all participants. It can prevent any unwanted, distracting, or inappropriate noise during your event.

Tips for Enhancing Event Security if a Disruption Occurs

  • Delete messages sent in chat during your event: You can delete messages sent by users in the group chat window in case the content of the message is inappropriate.
  • Remove a user who sent an inappropriate message: If you want to prevent further disruption, you can also remove the user who sent the inappropriate message from your event.
  • Report a user who causes a disruption: You will have the option to report any attendee to the Zoom Trust and Safety team and include screenshots or evidence of the inappropriate message or behavior. Our Trust and Safety team will review the report and block the user if necessary.
  • Report to Law Enforcement: If you or anyone at your event is in immediate danger, we recommend reaching out to your local police department. Should you contact law enforcement, you may direct them to our Government Requests Guide for more information on how to request data from Zoom.
Enhancing Security During Your Event

Did you know that security settings for regular meetings can also be used for your Zoom Event?