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Platform-wide use cases

  • Digital Whiteboards for Brainstorming & Ideation Brainstorming & Ideation
  • Virtual Whiteboards for Presenting & Teaching Presenting & Teaching
  • Use Online Whiteboards in Meetings & Workshops Meetings & Workshops
online whiteboard available in web browsers and Zoom App

Start something now and share it later

Zoom Whiteboard lets you collaborate whenever and wherever you want. Share your online whiteboards to collaborate with anyone with a Zoom account.

  • Advanced whiteboarding tools allow users to expand and clarify their ideas.

  • Zoom’s online whiteboards are accessible with a web browser, the Zoom client, and Zoom Rooms for Touch.

digital whiteboards used in Zoom Rooms hardware

Designed for many use cases

Zoom Whiteboards are designed to work across all supported Zoom hardware platforms, from laptops to in-room full-size Zoom Rooms for Touch devices.

  • Use room size 55″ and 65″ digital whiteboards from DTEN and Neat to present and collaborate with groups of people.

  • Virtual whiteboard features like touch support, extendable canvas, adding images, and templates make presenting and teaching a lot easier.

online whiteboard integrated with the Zoom platform

Leverage Zoom’s Existing Platform

Zoom’s existing platform integrates perfectly with Zoom Whiteboard giving everyday Zoom users a whole new tool and a huge advantage when collaborating.

  • Share or create real-time interactive whiteboards in Zoom Meetings. Give users different access depending on the meeting you are running.

  • Take your workshops to the next level by offering whole new ways to work together using all of what Zoom has to offer.

Zoom AI unlocks creativity

Kickstart brainstorming sessions and automatically synthesize the best ideas

  • Instantly create and refine content based on text prompts using a new AI toolbar

  • Generate sticky notes about a chosen topic or auto-populate a table with data

  • Automatically organize notes or mind maps and find related concepts with just a click

Companion Whiteboard

Add a Zoom Whiteboard to any Zoom Room

  • Allow everyone to work together from any Zoom enabled device, both on-site and remote.

  • Complement Zoom Rooms with a dedicated Companion Whiteboard.

Companion Whiteboard

Zoom Rooms for Touch

All-in-one digital whiteboard solution for Zoom Rooms

  • Perfectly integrated Zoom Whiteboard allows local and remote teams to share and collaborate on content

  • Fully integrated camera, speakers, and the interactive whiteboard touch display gives you full control of your system

Zoom Rooms for Touch
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Zoom Whiteboard adds more value to your existing Zoom platform

Feature-rich versions for all Zoom users

Whiteboard Basic

Included for all users to get started and collaborate with Zoom Whiteboard

  • Up to 3 concurrently editable boards*

  • Standard whiteboard features

  • Included in Zoom One Basic and Zoom One Pro


Add-on for users to create, ideate, and collaborate using unlimited whiteboards with advanced document controls

  • Unlimited concurrently editable boards*

  • Standard whiteboard features and advanced document controls

  • Included in Zoom One Business, Zoom One Business Plus, and Zoom One Enterprise

Whiteboard Plus

Add-on for users to streamline and scale workflows by using advanced features and integrations

  • Everything you get with the Whiteboard add-on, plus…

  • Advanced whiteboard features, including custom and organizational templates, and 3rd-party integrations

  • Included in Zoom One Enterprise Plus and with each Zoom Rooms subscription
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*Subject to cloud storage capacity