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Power 100Heather Ceylan, Michelle d'Amico,
Anne Magner, and Katelyn Falk

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Team of the Year

Best Pandemic Pivot2022

ComplianceZoom In-Product Privacy

Innovator of the YearAndy Grant2022

Engineering Security
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Power 100Tammie Kim2022

In-Product Privacy

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Cyber Industry
Max Krohn, Head of
Security Engineering

Encryption - Medium-
Sized Company

90-Day Security Plan2021

“To balance security vs ease of use is a real tightrope act, and I think the team has done a great job at doing that well.”
“Access to end-to-end encryption via Zoom will please a lot of people. It’s something Teams doesn’t have, and it gives Zoom another game-changer to add to its feature portfolio.”
“Zoom has become an essential service for Oracle. The way we work will never again be the same. Going forward, professionals will meet sometimes face to face, and sometimes digitally via Zoom.”
“It is my opinion that Zoom has set the bar for the entire industry creating a product that is not only at least as secure as the competition, but also implements those security capabilities in a way that doesn’t sacrifice usability and ease of use.”
“Today’s collaboration platforms demand the highest levels of security. Zoom has developed a strong set of advanced security features for its easy-to-use platform that any user should feel safe and comfortable deploying.”
“Zoom has done a great job building the industry’s easiest to use product while ensuring best in class security. Zoom customers should feel confident they can continue to Zoom away and their data won’t be compromised as Zoom takes security seriously.”

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