Close deals fast with better conversations

Have more engaging customer interactions while improving productivity and team alignment

Close deals fast with better conversations

Accelerate revenue growth, increase productivity and strengthen collaboration

More effective customer touchpoints

More effective customer touchpoints

Create a virtual selling experience that keeps your buyer engaged.
Get inside the buyer’s brain

Optimized sales team alignment

Optimized sales team alignment

Drive a unified approach based on actionable customer context to deliver a better experience.

Higher productivity and focus

Higher productivity and focus

Automate non-customer facing activities and improve coaching to enhance productivity.
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Tech tips for small businesses

A sales leader’s guide to revenue growth with AI

Improve sales execution with conversation intelligence

As a sales leader, keeping track of your team and their deals is critical to your success. Knowing how your team is performing can be the difference between a lost opportunity and the beginning of a long customer relationship. Conversation intelligence technology can help collect and review that information.

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Drive business growth with an intelligent platform

Spend time selling - not toggling

Spend time selling - not toggling

Heighten efficiency with all the tools sellers need in one place.

  • Reduce the toggle tax with the ability to move seamlessly from an email or chat to a video or phone call.

  • Sync schedules instantly with appointment booking links reps can embed in their email signatures.

  • Organize meeting context with assets like recordings and files shared stored right in the Zoom Calendar sidebar.

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Better conversations, faster deal cycles

Better conversations, faster deal cycles

Engage buyers with best-in-class virtual selling experiences.

  • Connect with customers on their terms with the ability to meet, message, or chat across channels and work styles.

  • Help revenue teams focus on customer conversations by removing tasks such as note taking and adding meeting insights to your CRM.

  • Eliminate language barriers through transcription and real-time translation.

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Improve with actionable insights

Improve with actionable insights

Win more and understand sales deals better with conversation intelligence.

  • See which competitors are mentioned the most, why you’re winning or losing against them, and what sentiments are commonly associated with them.

  • Analyze customer interactions for sentiment, engagement, key words, and trends with post-meeting analysis.

  • Help sales reps improve and eliminate knowledge gaps with easy-to-find customer context and insights.

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More effective follow ups

More effective follow ups

Keep prospects engaged with multiple channels for continuing conversations. Stay in touch with a feature-rich, flexible cloud phone system for businesses of all sizes. Easily add external contacts to a chat channel to share resources or assist with questions.

Get phone and chat in one
Make finding time the easiest part of doing business

Accelerate onboarding

Make coaching and sales enablement more effective with actionable insights into wins and struggles.

  • Identify winning moments in customer conversations and incorporate them into training.

  • Empower sellers to find customer content at any time with a searchable repository of customer conversations.

  • Keep learning continuously with the ability to deploy a virtual coach for every rep.

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Enable modern collaboration with Chat, Phone, Whiteboard, and Meetings in a single offering.

Zoom One and Zoom IQ for Sales unify communications, collaboration tools, and conversation intelligence solutions in one platform. Experience richer customer conversations, streamline team collaboration and drive productivity while lowering your total cost of ownership with Zoom.

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