Omnichannel Contact Center System

    Zoom Contact Center is an omnichannel contact center solution that’s optimized for video and integrated right into the same Zoom experience.

    Omnichannel Contact Center System

    Zoom Contact Center is an omnichannel contact center solution that’s optimized for video and integrated right into the same Zoom experience.

    Your customers want a better experience

    Do you need a contact center solution?

    A video-optimized contact center can simplify your business operations and elevate your customers’ experiences.

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    The benefits of unified communications + contact center

    According to Metrigy research, an integrated unified communications and contact center solution helps organizations improve agent efficiency, deliver new services, and provide a premium customer experience.

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    Simple agent and supervisor experiences

    For all Zoom Contact Center agents and supervisors, the call handling experience is part of the same Zoom client.

    • Empower contact center employees

      Enable immediate productivity by adding agent and supervisor capabilities to their existing Zoom client.

    • Minimize IT complexity

      With no need to deploy additional software, simply configure settings in the Zoom Admin console. Using the same Zoom application also optimizes your IT footprint.

    • Stay connected

      Communicate with and support customers no matter where your teams work.

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    Built for flexibility and efficiency

    Build with ease using the visual IVR designer

    Provision phone numbers and program a contact center flow in minutes using drag-and-drop modules. No coding is required! Automate your customer interactions with automatic speech recognition, recordings, and text to speech.

    Organize your agents using skills and proficiencies

    Create individual agent skills or categories of skills to help plan and deliver customers to the right person at the right time. Measure proficiency of each individual agent’s skills as part of the agent profile.

    Align agent resources with routing groups and queues

    Design your contact center for efficiency. Create queues as destinations in the IVR designer with the correct routing group to make sure you always have the right business requirements in place to answer your customer calls.

    Measure and improve using analytics

    You only improve what you measure. Using a combination of real-time and historical data, contact center supervisors can optimize the outcomes of their customer interactions.

    Easily integrate Zoom Contact Center

    End customers can start the conversation from the digital channel of their choice, like a website, application, or even a phone call, and add video if needed.

    • Design your customer experience

      Customize your service using the Zoom Admin console and the same Zoom client for Contact Center Agent and Supervisor workflows.

    • Integrate Zoom Contact Center

      With only a few lines of JavaScript, add Zoom Contact Center into your existing application or website. You can also integrate data from third-party systems like Salesforce to help provide Agents with the most up-to-date information.

    • Delight your customers

      Make engagement easy from their digital presence of choice. Whether that’s over the phone, via a webchat on your website, or via video, meet your customers where they are.

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