A communications platform for federal, state, and local agencies

Federal, state, and local government organizations can use Zoom or Zoom for Government to evolve public services, improve citizen engagement, and embrace digital transformation.

A communications platform for enhancing state and local agencies’ work
Trusted communications

Secure communications from the start

Our secure government communication platform helps protect the exchange of important government information, all with robust controls necessary for compliance.

Zoom’s flexible architecture

A new kind of flexibility

Zoom’s flexible architecture is built with your workforce in mind, including strategic solutions that enable government employees to do their best work from anywhere.

Expanding citizen engagement

Expanding citizen engagement

From video-first public safety services to increased access to justice, our dynamic government communications platform and integrations evolve the way you connect with citizens.

Zoom for Government vs. commercial Zoom

Zoom for Government vs. commercial Zoom

In the United States, we offer a separate platform, called Zoom for Government (ZfG), that is designed to conform with the federal government’s security requirements. While originally created for federal agencies, ZfG is also available to U.S. state and local government customers as well as other approved businesses and organizations. 

Zoom for Government has: 

  • Been authorized at the FedRAMP Moderate Level 
  • Received Provisional Authorization (PA) from the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) for the Department of Defense (DoD) at Impact Level 4 (IL4)
  • Obtained an Authorization to Operate (ATO) from the Department of the Air Force for conducting IL4 CUI-based video meetings and phone calls  
  • Achieved a StateRAMP Moderate authorization

The platform’s controls also support the following compliance requirements:

  • HIPAA 
  • CMMC
  • CJIS

Zoom for Government delivers an intuitive and secure experience similar to commercial Zoom. Both versions of the platform are scalable and flexible, giving today’s public sector organizations what they need to achieve their goals while still helping to protect important information.

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Zoom platform solutions for government organizations

  • Increase citizen engagement

    Open a digital dialogue with the public

  • Update legacy operations

    Say goodbye to analog processes

  • Transform service delivery

    Improve outcomes through refined services

  • Scale public safety

    Strengthen how you safeguard and support citizens

Serve every member of your community by evolving the way you reach constituents

Zoom Meetings Icon

Zoom Meetings

Make town halls interactive and engaging with HD video and in-meeting chat

Zoom Phone Icon

Zoom Phone

Streamline how you field incoming inquiries with call queues and auto-attendants

Zoom Rooms Icon

Zoom Rooms

Expand the courtroom experience by deploying smart, touch-enabled in-office hardware

Zoom Apps Icon

App Marketplace

Meet constituents where they are and across their preferred applications

Zoom’s flexible architecture enables agile operations, helping expedite traditional government work

Zoom Meetings Icon

Zoom Meetings

Attract and retain better talent by encouraging a hybrid workplace and flexible collaboration

Zoom Phone Icon

Zoom Phone

Deploy features like call routing to delegate administration across departments and teams

Zoom Rooms Icon

Zoom Rooms

Connect officials, staffers, and even in-the-field teams from the office, homes, and on the go

Zoom Team Chat Icon

Zoom Team Chat

Communicate quickly with co-workers around the country through instant messaging

Zoom Webinars

Zoom Webinars

Scale internal learning courses or compliance trainings to a large audience

Transform service delivery

Simplify mission-critical communications with a platform designed for omnichannel services

Zoom Meetings Icon

Zoom Meetings

Make your press conference or courtroom more accessible with auto-generated captions

Zoom Phone Icon

Zoom Phone

Communicate on the go while still maintaining the privacy of your personal number

Zoom Rooms Icon

Zoom Rooms

Deploy digital signage to display announcements and information in official buildings

Zoom Events Icon

Zoom Events

Celebrate local events and special holidays together in an engaging virtual setting
Available in commercial Zoom only

Scale public safety

Improve government communication with field personnel, secure communities, and help protect lives

Third-party integrations

Zoom offers APIs and the latest SDKs to allow dynamic integrations with software and hardware partners, further enabling situational awareness and first responder activities

Zoom Rooms Icon

Zoom Rooms

Create learning spaces and enable virtual family visitation for incarcerated people

Zoom Phone Icon

Zoom Phone

Communicate in areas where data speeds are reduced, even leveraging the SMS feature for text messages

Zoom One for Government

Enable richer collaboration, ensure tighter alignment and drive mandated Future of Work initiatives across government agencies, employees, contractors and teams with Team Chat & channels, Phone, Whiteboard and Meetings in a single offering.

Government and public sector entities have an option of using the Zoom One for US Government (FEDRAMP) or the standard Zoom One offering. Please check with your Zoom account team for more information.

Green Check Icon

Empower agency communications with a fully capable unified communications platform

Collaborate on Zoom Whiteboard from your desktop or room, and easily share it with others

Use cloud-based Zoom Phone for seamless communications amongst employees when in the field and for redundancy

Accelerate agency productivity with Zoom Meetings, Team Chat and Zoom Rooms for huddles, sidebar conversations and conference room connectivity

Leverage Zoom Events and Webinars for constituent outreach when conducting civil and council meetings

Elevate public services

Elevate public services

Zoom’s comprehensive government communication platform meets the dynamic needs of agencies looking to connect with constituents and provide more accessible, modern public services.

From city council meetings to search and rescue operations, forge meaningful connections with Zoom’s dynamic unified communications platform, which is anchored by reliable, HD video and audio.

Workforce transformation

Workforce transformation

Whether you’re a local department or state agency, strip government work of redundancies and stagnant processes by building a workspace defined by technology tailored to employees’ needs.

Zoom provides industry-leading virtual meetings, chat, VoIP phone systems, and workspace solutions to help your agency embrace a new era defined by innovation and ingenuity.

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