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Huddly Canvas


Logitech Scribe

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Hover Cam Solo 8 Plus


AVer 20M11-8M

AVer 20M11-8M@2x


HuddleCam HD SimplTrak2



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Explore hardware options to enable Zoom

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A ProAV hybrid classroom setup that creates an immersive experience for the students as well as the teacher.

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Quickly join or start a meeting with both video and audio with one touch Controller UI.

Present content wirelessly from your laptop or mobile device with intelligent proximity one-click sharing.

Enable teachers and students to view and co-annotate on a blank whiteboard or over shared content.

Classroom - Higher Education tips

Tips to enhance your hybrid classroom

Document Cameras

High-resolution document cameras are great for projecting clear visuals of physical objects, much like a projector would into the virtual class.

Teaching in a Hybrid Classroom

Teaching in a hybrid environment is a wholly different experience than in-person instruction. With all students on Zoom, you can use the following digital tools and features to create an engaging experience for everyone. Here are some tips for teaching in a hybrid classroom.

Funding Resources

Leverage COVID-19 relief funding to modernize school communications, enhance hybrid learning, and set up your campus or district for the future of flexible education models. Learn more about the funding available to you on our Education Funding page.

Room setup

Recommended Room Capacity

25+ people

A hybrid classroom setup powered by Zoom Rooms can work with new or existing ProAV equipment.

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Want help planning your meeting spaces?

Our Professional Services team provides flexible plans to help ensure your Zoom Rooms experience is flawless. Get hands-on assistance to navigate every step of the process from design, development and project management, to deployment and installation.

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Video-enable your shared workspaces
Digital Signage to broadcast communications and meetings
Scheduling Displays to maximize meeting space usage
Interop with SIP/H.323 endpoints
Centralized room and device management
Hardware eco-system for flexibility and ease of deployment