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Funding Resources for Education

Leverage coronavirus relief funding to modernize school communications, enhance hybrid learning, and set up your campus or district for the future of flexible education models.

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Use government funding to bring Zoom to your school or institution

K-12 schools, institutes of higher education, and other qualifying education-related entities can use federal funding from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act and Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 (CAA) to enhance communication, business continuity, and educational delivery.

Learn more about what funding is available to you, and how you can use these grants to prepare for future remote and hybrid learning needs with Zoom.

K-12 schools

Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Fund

ESSER funding can be used by K-12 schools for:

  • Coordinating preparedness and response efforts with other state, local, tribal, or territorial entities
  • Addressing the unique needs of disadvantaged populations
  • Purchasing education technology (hardware, software, and connectivity)
  • Providing mental health services and support
  • Addressing student learning loss, including improving distance learning engagement

Visit the Department of Education Office of Elementary and Secondary Education website for more info on ESSER fund grants.

Speak with our grants team to find out how Zoom can help your school or district stay responsive to student needs and invest in smart classrooms for the future.

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Higher education

Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF)

HEERF funding can be used by institutes of higher education for:

  • Technology costs associated with distance learning
  • Faculty and staff training

Get more information on HEERF grants on the Department of Education Office of Postsecondary Education website.

See how Zoom can help you deliver a more connected, global educational experience that serves current and future students.

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Qualifying schools & education entities

Governors Emergency Education Relief (GEER) Fund

GEER grants are awarded to state governors’ offices, which can provide subgrants to local educational agencies and institutes of higher education that have been most significantly impacted by the coronavirus. K-12, higher education, and education-related entities that the governor “deems essential” for carrying out emergency educational services are also eligible.

Here are a few ways GEER funding can be used:

  • Educational technology to assist students, educators, and staff with remote or hybrid learning
  • Education and support services for remote or hybrid learning or addressing learning loss

For more information on GEER Fund grants, visit the Department of Education Office of Elementary and Secondary Education website.

Connect with our grants team to find out how Zoom can enable you to reach students with critical educational services.

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Enhance teaching & learning

Engaging and interactive video solutions allow for continuity of education in remote or hybrid situations. With Zoom Meetings , you can connect with students for synchronous learning from anywhere. Zoom Video Webinars and OnZoom offer platforms for virtual speakers, events, and parent or faculty communication.

Enhance teaching & learning

Invest in flexible hybrid classroom hardware and software solutions to help you build forward and enable a seamless return to the classroom. Zoom Rooms offers an enhanced hybrid learning environment where you can start class with one touch and share content with one click.

Improve preparedness & response

Zoom Rooms’ Digital Signage and a modern cloud phone solution like Zoom Phone can help you coordinate emergency response efforts, improve safety, and support business continuity across your campus or district.

Upgrade communication

Connect your educational community, all on the Zoom platform. Zoom Meetings, Zoom Phone, and Zoom Chat work together to streamline your video, phone, and chat communication between educators, administrators, students, and parents.

Design connected classrooms

Hybrid classroom hardware like digital whiteboards, headsets, and purpose-built video devices help educators create more immersive learning experiences. Powered by Zoom Rooms, your flexible hybrid classroom improves access to new people, places, and opportunities.

Connect with a Zoom education specialist today!

Zoom’s grants team is available to help you navigate stimulus funding opportunities and eligible spending.

Find out how your school or district can enhance distance and hybrid learning, improve student engagement, and address future educational needs.

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