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    Country code: +41
    Number Ordering / Porting (Local Number)
    Documents Required for Porting
    Letter of Authorization (LOA)
        a. Should be hand-signed and dated within the last 3 months
        b. The local address on the LOA Should match the area code
           of the porting numbers.
    Copy of Bill

    NOTE: Partial or full port is allowed

    Documents Required for Number Ordering

    Customer name

    Service/Physical address in Switzerland (should match the area
    code and address stated in the proof of address)

    Proof of address (Company or Individual Utility bill)

    Emergency Numbers


    Number Ordering / Porting (Toll-Free)
    Documents Required for Porting
    Letter of Authorization (LOA)
         a. Should be hand signed
         b. Losing Carrier Name (Company customer pays bills to)
         c. Address (Global Address is accepted)
         d. Bakom Ownership Letter
    Copy of Bill
    NOTE: Toll-free numbers porting in must initially be assigned
          to the customer, not the customer's current operator. For 
          guidance please see below:
              1. Porting In Toll-Free Numbers in Switzerland- Porting
                 in Swiss Toll-Free Numbers is slightly different from
                 the usual process because it requires you to be the 
                 holder of the number.
                 Therefore, before porting Swiss phone numbers into the
                 Zoom network, it is vital to make sure that any Toll-Free 
                 numbers you wish to port are assigned to you as the 
                 current holder of the number, and not to your current 
              2. Verifying Whether You're the Current Holder - In order
                 to verify the allocation of your number, please access
                 the following link: BAKOM Individual number allocation 
                 (0800, 084x, 090x): Individual number (0800, 084x, 090x)  
                 Here you will find consumer information on Swiss phone 
                 numbers that are allocated individually. These numbers are 
                 used to offer services in the following categories: 
                 Freephone Numbers (0800), Shared-cost Numbers (084x), 
                 Business and Marketing (0900), Games and Competitions 
                 (0901), and Adult Entertainment (0906).
              3. Requesting a Reallocation if You Are Not the Holder 
                 - Note: If you are not the current holder of the number, 
                 you will need to request a reallocation of your number 
                 from your current carrier before raising a 'porting in' 
                 request with Zoom.
                 The reallocation process and duration depend on your 
                 current carrier. However, based on industry practice, you 
                 will need to download and fill in the form called Transfer 
                 of Individually Allocated Number from the following link:
                 Individual number (0800, 084x, 090x)
    Documents Required for Number Ordering