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Hong Kong

Country code: +852
Number Ordering (Local Number)
Documents Required for Porting

Notice of service disconnection and Porting allocation form (Zoom Provided)

  • Form should hand-signed and dated within the 30 days.

Copy of Hong Kong Business registration certificate

Documents Required for Number Ordering
  • Customer name
  • Proof of Identity
    • Copy of the HK Company Registration Certificate and Business Registration Number.
  • Proof of Address (Any of the following
    • For Business, make sure the display name can demonstrate the address is business, and provide one of the following:
    • Business Registration Certificate
    • Bank statement and credit card account statement in the last 3 months,
    • Public utility bills in the last 3 months include electricity bills, water bills, and gas bills
    • Operators of public telecommunication services include Mobile service bills, fixed telephone service bills, Internet service bills, Pay TV service bills.