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    Country code: +357
    Number Ordering / Porting (Toll-Free)
    Documents Required for Porting
    Letter of Authorization (LOA)
       a. Should be hand-signed 
            Losing Carrier Name (Company customer pays bills to)
            Address in the LOA should be within CYPRUS.
            Hard copies of required documentation have to be 
            sent to Zoom’s carrier
    Copy of Bill 
    Proof of ID
       a. For Business
           - Copy of 'Certificate of Directors and Secretary
             of the company'
           - Copy of 'Certificate of Incorporation'
           - Copy of legal representative's photo ID
       b. For Residential, a Copy of the end-users photo ID
       - Numbers to port have to be single lines or all 
          block has to be ported.
       - Number portability is available only for legal
          entities based in Cyprus.
    Documents Required for Number Ordering


    Emergency Numbers