Grievance Officer - India

Below is information about how to submit either complaints of abuse on Zoom or law enforcement requests.

Submitting complaints or law enforcement requests through our dedicated web forms will ensure that they are routed to the appropriate team and processed expeditiously.

Web form for user complaints: Click here

Web form for law enforcement requests: Click here.

The Zoom Trust Center is a one-stop-shop for all information relating to Security, Privacy, Legal & Compliance, Trust & Safety, and Transparency. The Trust & Safety section has guidance on how to (1) report violations of our Acceptable Use Guidelines and Terms of Service and (2) make law enforcement requests. Click here to visit the Trust & Safety section.

Also, please refer to Zoom’s Government Requests FAQ and Government Request Guide for more information about how we evaluate and process law enforcement requests.

Click here to read the Zoom Privacy Statement.

You may also contact Grievance Officer for India by writing to the following address:

Zoom Video Communications, Inc.
Attention: Josh Parecki, Grievance Officer
55 Almaden Boulevard, Suite 600
San Jose, California 95113

United States of America