APAC Zoom Education Summit

Transforming the Education Experience

A virtual event24 August 2022

See how unified communications can help your academic institution meet the demands of a new generation of learners.

Education Transformation Summit

About the Edu Summit

About the event

APAC Zoom Education Summit focuses on the future of education and how hybrid work and hybrid learning are changing the primary & secondary (K-12) and post-secondary education landscape.

Listen to thought leaders and experts from the education community and Zoom as they discuss the changes necessary to support education in the coming decade and help us explore what challenges and opportunities lie ahead in the Asia Pacific region.

Utilising our own Zoom Events platform, we will showcase exciting and informative keynotes, customer stories, panel discussions, and concurrent sessions that delve into what is possible for K-12 and Higher Education institutions.


Dr Joseph SweeneyAdvisor – Future of Work, Intelligent Business Research Services (IBRS) View LinkedIn Profile

Ricky KapurHead of Asia Pacific, ZoomView LinkedIn Profile

Roger Burgess CIO Adviser, ZoomView LinkedIn Profile

Matt Carmichael Director – Support Services and Engagement & Shared and Campus Services, Monash UniversityView LinkedIn Profile

Prof Venky Shankararaman Vice Provost (Education), Singapore Management University
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Anshuman Bhuchar IT Director, Plaksha University
View LinkedIn Profile

Christy Flis Global Education Lead, Zoom
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Matt Baker SVP – International/Strategy, Class
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Leslie Wee Head of APJ, Class
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Marshall Roslyn CFO & Chief Strategy Officer, Lingoace

Anthony Stewart Education Industry Lead, Zoom
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Jenny Luca Head of ICT Innovation and Learning, Camberwell Grammar School
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Cathy Yum Head of Field Marketing, JAPAC, Zoom
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Summit Agenda

  • 24 August 2022
11:30am - 11:50am SGT

Keynote: Lessons Driving the Future of Education

Dr Joseph Sweeney, Advisor – Future of Work (IBRS)
As universities and schools transition to a post-pandemic reality of hybrid learning, what are the key lessons administrators, faculty and students can learn to thrive? Join Dr Joseph Sweeney, IBRS Advisor, to explore the evolving art of teaching in a blended digital and face-to-face environment. Drawing from his in-depth research of key education leaders across the region, he will be sharing the powerful lessons from his latest “Future of Education” report to transform the sector.
11:50am - 12.15pm SGT

Fireside Chat: Rethinking Education in a Hybrid Future

Ricky Kapur, Head of Asia Pacific | Zoom, Dr Joseph Sweeney, Advisor – Future of Work (IBRS)
Join Ricky Kapur, Head of Asia Pacific at Zoom, and Dr Joseph Sweeney, education specialist and Advisor at IBRS, for a wide-ranging discussion on the future of education in the region. They explore emerging opportunities, remote teaching, the issue of screentime, equity of access, rethinking the value of physical campuses and how technology and unified communications can help you create an equitable, safe, and enriching curriculum in your institution.
12:15 - 12:30pm SGT

Education Technology in Action

Speaker: Coming Soon
See how you can easily use the Zoom platform to create engaging blended learning experiences. Far beyond video lessons, we’ll demonstrate how you can integrate meeting rooms, lecture theatres, digital whiteboards, classrooms, events and more in one seamless platform to provide the best possible experiences for teachers, students, parents and staff.
12:30 - 13:00pm SGT
  • Panel: Transforming the Higher Education Experience

    Roger Burgess, CIO Advisor (Zoom), Matt Carmichael, Director – Support Services and Engagement & Shared and Campus Services (Monash University), Prof Venky Shankararaman, Vice Provost – Education (Singapore Management University), Anshuman Bhuchar, IT Director (Plaksha University)
    For higher education, there is no turning back on remote learning. Join our expert panel to hear how institutions are embracing hybrid work and learning models to create flexibility, engagement and growth for their students, staff and administrators. We discuss the emerging opportunities, what the future looks like with real-life examples, and explore how you and your institution can successfully transition.
  • Panel: Empowering the Next-Generation Classroom for K12

    Anthony Stewart, Education Industry Lead (Zoom), Jenny Luca, Head of ICT Innovation and Learning (Camberwell Grammar School)
    Even as students increasingly return to schools, remote, digital and hybrid teaching are here to stay as core components of K-12 education. Join our expert panel to hear how schools and teachers are embracing renewed learning models to create engaging and effective classrooms, whether in person or online. We discuss the emerging opportunities, explore the next generation classroom and share best practices on integrated learning experiences.
  • Panel: Using Technology to Enrich the Education Experience

    Christy Flis, Zoom Rooms Specialist (Zoom), Matt Baker, SVP – International/Strategy (Class), Marshall Roslyn, CFO & Chief Strategy Officer (Lingoace)
    While the rise of online learning and connected devices was already disrupting education, the pandemic dramatically accelerated the transition. Join our panel of education technology experts as we bring you up to speed on unified communications, learning/curriculum management systems, real-time collaboration tools and how to create a digital ecosystem that can equip your organisation to adapt and thrive through the coming years.
  • Education Summit Korea only Session

    Kee sung Cho(Teacher at Gyeseong elementary school), Woo sung Kim (CEO at RivTechnology)
    This session is for Korean audiences. We will cover some topics through this session that will be beneficial to those in the education industry.
    • Trends on the future of education in Korea after the COVID-19 pandemic
    • Introduction of an Edu application that provides interactive education exchange services between domestic K-12 schools and overseas schools

Education Transformation Summit

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