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Zoom: The DNA and tools behind how, when and where impactful work happens

Gary Sorrentino, Global CIO, Zoom - Moderator
Dave Shull, Chief Commercial Officer, HP/Poly
Rhonda Vertere, CIO, Ex, Herbal Life (Virtual)
Jessica Kosmowski, US Consulting Ecosystems & Alliances Leader, Deloitte
The future of work isn’t limited to what work looks like, but how work is done - more importantly, how we collaborate. Technology is the solution for keeping this dynamic and rapidly evolving world of work as collaborative and inclusive as possible.

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Hybrid strategy: your secret weapon for equity and sustainability

Steve Hatfield, Global Future of Work Leader, Deloitte (virtual)
Daniel Chait, Co-Founder & CEO, Greenhouse
James McCall, Chief Sustainability Officer, HP/Poly
Keith Ferrazzi, CEO and Founder, Greenlight (MODERATOR)
Jess Teutonico, Managing Director, We are Family Foundation
Asynchronous work has revolutionized the way teams work with one another. We discuss how a strong hybrid strategy can help your company become more sustainable and equitable for all through a focus on the human element of work.

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Bring the world closer with hybrid events

Robin Bunevich, Zoom - Moderator (virtual)
Megan DuPont, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Citi
Danielle Giannantonio, Senior Program Manager, KCI Management
Lewis Woodward, EVP External Relations, Bain & Co
It's not just work that has become hybrid - events are including digital components as well. In this panel, we discuss successful hybrid events and how top event organizers have developed best practices for connecting virtual and in-person audiences.

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