Provider Exchange

    Connect Zoom Phone to your favorite partners

    When you need to call and be reached by people outside your business, your phone system needs connectivity to the PSTN network. If your company has multiple sites worldwide, having the choice and flexibility to pick the right connectivity options with appropriate providers is vital.


    Zoom Phone PSTN Connectivity Options

    Zoom Phone offers choice with native calling plans and BYOC. Provider Exchange, built on enhanced cloud peering, takes it to the next level with ease of provider discovery and self-service of phone numbers.

    Zoom Native

    Cloud PBX with PSTN numbers and connectivity in over 48 countries/territories

    Cloud Peering

    Cloud PBX with ‘Bring Your Own Carrier’ – The SaaS way, no on-premises hardware needed

    Premises Peering

    Cloud PBX with any ‘Bring Your Own Carrier’. Connect with your carrier via on-premises SBC

    Bring your own carrier


    • Enables you to easily discover and connect with your provider, and get numbers provisioned in Zoom Phone

    • Brings diverse partners offering wide range of services to match your complex PSTN needs

    • BYOC the SaaS way: No hardware. No infrastructure

    Simple & Intuitive experience


    Find your Provider

    (from Zoom admin portal)


    Get Provider App

    (from Zoom Marketplace)


    Connect with Zoom

    (from Provider Portal)


    Provision Numbers

    (from Provider Portal)


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