Internal Corporate Events That Have an Impact

Bring your workforce together with internal corporate events that help employees stay connected and engaged.

Enhanced corporate events on a platform you trust

Host impactful, engaging internal corporate events for hybrid and remote workforces with Zoom Events, an all-in-one event management platform. Zoom Events enables you to manage and host all types of internal events, from small interactive sessions to multi-day and multi-track events.

Event Engagement


Give employees the ability to chat, ask questions, respond to polls, use meeting reactions, and appear on video, with customizable settings to create the level of interaction you want.

Admin portal

Easy-to-use events manager

As an all-in-one solution, Zoom Events delivers simplified event management in a seamless Zoom experience your attendees already know.

Security focused

Built on Zoom’s video technology, Zoom Events helps you keep your event exclusive to internal employees with ticketing capabilities and unique links for each registered attendee.

Event engagement

Get feedback from event attendees

Gain valuable insight from event analytics, including attendee registration and engagement, to measure and report your success.

Make your internal corporate events memorable

Employees today have the ability to work from anywhere, and organizations are embracing the benefits of a hybrid workforce. Internal events help foster company culture and strengthen communications, which is more important than ever for distributed teams.

Here are some tips for creating memorable internal corporate events for hybrid teams:

  • Choose a comprehensive virtual events platform with which you can flexibly host large internal events, interactive team-building sessions, and multi-day workshops.

  • Use the Raise Hand feature so facilitators can call on attendees to keep the discussion orderly and prevent people from talking over each other

  • Engage employees with polls, surveys, and in-meeting chat

  • Encourage employees to submit their questions using the Q&A feature — and if you don’t get to them all, refer to the Q&A report post-event so you can follow up with employees

Types of internal events

There are many reasons to bring employees together for an internal company event:

  • All-hands and department meetings keep employees informed and connected to what’s going on at the company, leading to higher levels of engagement with their work

  • Onboarding and team-building events can help you build and maintain a strong, positive corporate culture

  • Multi-day, multi-session trainings, workshops, or conferences allow for continued learning and growth

  • Employee Resource Group events and gatherings

Event planning is easy with a custom event hub

Create an Event Hub to showcase all your different events in one place, so employees can easily discover and view the ones that matter to them. Event Hubs can be made private so only internal attendees can browse and join events straight from one centralized location.

Get started with Zoom Events

To get started hosting your next virtual event, purchase your Zoom Events license, then visit to sign into your account. Once you’re logged in, you can begin setting up your hub under the Manage tab, and then get started building your first Event, Summit, or Conference using the Create tab.