Increase customer engagement, service levels and sales

From store operations to supply chain management Zoom is helping retailers implement innovative solutions that streamline operations, improve customer service and increase sales.

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Increase customer engagement, service levels and sales
Trusted communications

Trusted communications

Our secure platform ensures that retailers and consumers feel confident when using Zoom in communications and transactions.

State-of-the-art scalability

State-of-the-art scalability

Zoom’s modern architecture enables organizations of any size and complexity to scale without compromising quality or reliability.

A range of possibilities

A range of possibilities

From video ecommerce to store-wide communications to virtual inventory control, our flexible platform and integrations power a variety of use cases.

Your platform for customer service, satisfaction and loyalty

  • Enhance the virtual shopping experience

    Merge digital and physical retail operations

  • Improve in-store operations

    Increase sales and service levels virtually

  • Collaborate globally

    Connect with customers and partners around the world

  • Host virtual events

    Extend reach to broader audiences

  • Build custom integrations

    Customize how you use Zoom

Enhance the virtual shopping experience

Use Zoom to create highly customized, “Commerce Anywhere” visual experiences for shoppers that increase sales, enhance service levels and build customer loyalty.

Zoom Meetings Icon

Zoom Meetings

Make virtual shopping a reality with HD video and audio

Zoom Phone Icon

Zoom Phone

Enable flexible phone communications with availability on any device

Zoom Apps Icon

App Marketplace

Elevate the virtual shopping experience with easy-to-deploy integrations

Zoom Contact Center Icon

Contact Center

Connect your customers with experts using a video-optimized contact center

Improve in-store operations

Zoom can be used for store-wide communications to enhance store operations, optimize inventory levels, highlight promotions and provide customer service and support.

Zoom Meetings Icon

Zoom Meetings

Provide operational staff and personnel the ability to communicate visually

Collaborate globally

Zoom helps to fortify relationships and tighten alignment between employees, store operational personnel, suppliers and partners.

Zoom Meetings Icon

Zoom Meetings

Overcome barriers of location and build team culture with video collaboration

Zoom Phone Icon

Zoom Phone

Connect distributed teams with domestic calling in 45+ countries and territories

Zoom Team Chat Icon

Zoom Team Chat

Experience real-time collaboration at your fingertips

Zoom Rooms Icon

Zoom Rooms

Introduce one-touch meeting rooms for effortless connection

Host virtual events

Use Zoom to share with widespread audiences employee communications, company announcements, training sessions, upcoming events and more.

Zoom Meetings Icon

Zoom Meetings

Deliver interactive, face-to-face events and live trainings

Zoom Webinars

Zoom Webinars

Scale training sessions or seminars to a large audience

Zoom Events Icon

Zoom Events

Reimagine what an all-in-one events solution can do for engagement and networking

Build powerful integrations or video-based retail apps with our robust developer platform.


Enable a tighter integration of workstreams with Zoom APIs



Develop Zoom functionality within third-party apps with Video and Meeting SDKs



Automate retail operational workflows with Zoom webhooks

Retail solutions that focus on customer service, satisfaction and loyalty

Retail solutions that focus on customer service, satisfaction and loyalty

Zoom provides a secure, scalable platform that meets the ever-changing needs of today’s retail organizations globally. Internally, Zoom can be used by IT, HR, Marketing and other functional groups for collaboration, training, employee communications and more. Externally, Zoom can be used to enhance the overall buying experience with innovative customer-focused solutions that help make the vision of Commerce Anywhere a reality.

Why Zoom for Retail
  • Video eCommerce

    Leverage the power of video communications to provide highly customized visual experiences to shoppers. Remotely connect sales specialists with customers using Zoom Contact Center for a virtual shopping experience.

  • Customer Engagement

    Highlight and broadcast major announcements, partnerships, advertisements and promotions with customers using Zoom Events, digital signage, virtual kiosks and more.

  • Store-wide Connectivity

    Zoom can be used for store-wide communications to enhance store operations. From general inquiries to inventory assist, product questions to customer service, Zoom increases engagement with employees and customers alike.

  • Supplier Management

    In addition to maintaining relationships with suppliers, Zoom is used for a number of supply chain-related use cases including remote inventory control, remote inspection and remote assist.

Seamless, uninterrupted workflows on a single platform

Seamless, uninterrupted workflows on a single platform

Whether you’re a large department store, a boutique shop, a grocery outlet or a distribution location, now’s the time to simplify communication — not complicate it.

Zoom unifies video, phone, chat, and smart workspaces so you can stay connected with one platform. A number of retail-specific integrations put Zoom inside your organization’s workflows, making it easily adopted by teams of all sizes.

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