Virtual Event Software: Host, Manage, and Measure Online Events

Whether you’re hoping to leverage virtual events to extend the reach of in-person events and engage new audiences, or just expand your overall marketing strategy, virtual event software can help optimize and streamline the way you plan, organize, and execute. With virtual event management software, marketing, and events teams can save costs and time while transforming traditional conferences into immersive and engaging digital experiences.

What is a virtual event software?

Virtual event software acts as a single portal for everything you need to host a digital event. From ticketing to sponsorships and even attendee networking, virtual conference software goes beyond webinar technology to bring attendees into the event itself. The software is designed to enable a virtual, multi-track, interactive conference experience, with features tailored specifically to support the event industry and larger marketing efforts.

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How does virtual conference software work?

Virtual conference software is like having your own skilled event manager that’s always available to help you tackle tasks. It’s a comprehensive service designed to support you through every stage of event planning and coordination — from enabling branded events hubs to managing attendees to hosting the event itself. Virtual event management software helps your team create memorable experiences while addressing key marketing objectives.

Modern virtual event software must have reliable video functionality that creates a seamless viewing experience without any disruptions for your audience. It should also make it easy for speakers, panelists, and event attendees to register, join, and participate in sessions.

This software should come with features designed to help event organizers create successful events, such as flexible scheduling options, breakout rooms, comprehensive reporting, interactive chat capabilities, live event support, and more.

Virtual event software for hybrid events

Virtual event software isn’t just for online events; it can also facilitate an immersive hybrid event experience for both in-person and remote attendees. With robust, virtual event management software creating a singular experience for both people on the ground and those joining via devices, it empowers event attendees to engage in your event in the way that works best for them while reducing roadblocks that may limit connection. Barriers such as physical location or travel expenses are no longer a problem with virtual conference software.

The right virtual event management software turns hybrid events into reality through features that make it easy to coordinate and support a distributed audience. Look for virtual event platforms that help with the following:

  • Managing tickets and registrations for all kinds of event attendees in one place

  • Customizing and tailoring your session schedule according to your audience’s unique needs

  • Creating an event lobby for remote attendees to network with other guests and exchange contact info

Virtual event software on a platform you know and trust

Zoom Events is an all-in-one virtual event platform that simplifies how you build, host, and manage virtual or hybrid events. Zoom Events is the virtual event management software that provides everything event organizers need to customize an engaging experience for your target audience, whether it’s a large sales meeting, unique customer experience, internal event, trade show, or corporate summit.

Zoom’s reliable video and chat technology powers Zoom Events, enabling hosts to successfully manage large virtual gatherings while attendees easily join and participate in sessions to build connections with one another.

Centralized management

Manage and host interactive sessions

You can use Zoom Events to manage and host interactive sessions or one-to-many presentations using Zoom Meetings and Zoom Webinars. With features such as breakout rooms, comprehensive reporting, interactive chat capabilities, live event support, and more at your disposal, you can engage attendees with immersive content.

Event planning

Customize your virtual or hybrid event

With Zoom Events, you get robust virtual and hybrid event software that’s optimized to support events from large-scale conferences to team happy hours. Use Zoom Events to schedule your events to be single-session, multi-session, or concurrent sessions, single or multi-day, with the ability to post recordings of the event’s live streaming after the event. You can also set up public or private events that are free, paid, live, or on-demand.

Facilitate real attendee connections with a chat lobby

Facilitate real attendee connections with a chat lobby

Give your event attendees the ability to network with each other, engage event sponsors, exchange contact info, and chat and initiate meetings with other attendees via Zoom Events’ interactive event lobby feature.

Insightful virtual event analytics

Get actionable event data

Data is essential for today’s marketing and events teams. Zoom Events has analytics to help you understand your event performance and attendee engagement so you can improve your virtual events.

Get started with Zoom Events

To get started hosting your next virtual event, purchase your Zoom Events license, then visit to sign into your account. Once you’re logged in, you can begin setting up your hub under the Manage tab, and then get started building your first Event, Summit, or Conference using the Create tab.