Enhance your room booking experience with Zoom Rooms

Zoom Rooms Scheduling Display

Integrate meeting room displays with Office 365, Exchange, and Google Calendar to help organization optimize, improve, and streamline meeting room bookings.

Enable Scheduling Display for all your meeting rooms

Zoom Rooms Scheduling Display allows you to extend convenient room resource management to any space.

  • Works with Zoom Rooms
  • Works with existing room systems
  • Works with non-video enabled meeting spaces

Quick room booking solution for ad-hoc meetings

Instantly book a room for any available time of that day without having to go through your desktop calendaring system.

Maximize room utilization

Zoom Rooms Scheduling Display’s check-in capability encourages punctuality and ensures meeting spaces aren't sitting empty. By enabling room check-in, scheduling display will release the room reservation if the user does not check-in via the display or utilize any Zoom Rooms functionality.

Centralized room management

Using Zoom Rooms means one system for IT to deploy and manage. Easily administer all your workspace solutions from a single admin portal to get rooms up and running and minimize down time.

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Once the trial ends, Zoom Rooms license fees are $49/month per room.