Deliver Virtual Care to Patients at Home

Zoom’s telehealth solutions and communications platform help extend healthcare services into the home to provide convenient, cost-effective virtual care.

Global Collaboration in Life Sciences

Cloud-based communications driving innovation

Patient engagement & healthy living

With Zoom, virtual care goes beyond telehealth — you can connect with patients to provide remote and hybrid lifestyle coaching, diet and nutrition consultations, exercise classes, and more.

Read our Q&A with Butler Health System to see how this regional health system implemented a hybrid wellness program using Zoom to engage its patient population in Western Pennsylvania.

7 of the top 10

global pharmaceutical companies choose Zoom.1

1 in 4

health and life sciences organizations say they may have the opportunity to adopt virtual collaboration tools for use in clinical trials and laboratory research in the future.2


Zoom across the drug development life cycle

Pharma and biotech companies are going virtual to reduce time to market and improve organizational efficiency at every stage, from R&D to commercialization. Learn why and how in this white paper on collaboration platforms in the pharma and biotech industry, developed with Frost & Sullivan.

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Zoom drug development life cycle

One collaboration platform to support all your operations

The Zoom virtual collaboration platform powers communication across your global life sciences organization, helping you connect with patients, physicians, and other stakeholders near and far.

Clinical Trials Clinical trials

Decentralized clinical trials help increase access to diverse patient populations and improve communication throughout the trial

Drug Manufacturing Drug manufacturing

Virtual facility inspections and equipment troubleshooting can decrease downtime and streamline operations on the manufacturing floor

Sales & Commercialization Sales & commercialization

Video sales calls are more efficient and convenient, allowing your sales team to enhance interactions with physicians and medical staff

Hear from our medtech, pharma, and biotech customers

Online Collaboration in the medical device industry

“We use Zoom Phone on our systems/cell phones, we use Meetings to collaborate. Our clinical team is doing webinars with physicians. Being able to continue to showcase what we’re doing virtually has really helped us grow and sustain our footprint on the medical device industry.”

Joey Faraone | Director of Technology and Information Services, Baylis Medical
Virtual collaboration in the Pharmaceutical industry

“We create enzyme therapies for very rare diseases, up to just a few thousand people on Earth have these diseases at any time. … Our need for Zoom was about reaching very distant regions of the planet, small countries all over the world. And it was very easy for everyone to use.”

Michael Casarez | Associate Director of Messaging and Collaboration, BioMarin Pharmaceutical

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