How is Zoom different than Microsoft Teams?

Many organizations use Microsoft Teams as a hub for file sharing and document collaboration, but they want a reliable and easy-to-use video-centric communications solution. Zoom is your comprehensive communications hub, providing frictionless video-first unified communications for all of your organizational needs.

Zoom is fanatical about your happiness!

Best-in-Class Video Meetings

With Zoom Meetings, 1,000 video participants can join a meeting at once. Companies report an 85% increase in video usage with Zoom and become more agile and productive in the process. And VoIP is used 6x more than telephone on Zoom.


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Best Room Solutions

Zoom Rooms video-enable and transform all of your meeting spaces. Add Digital Signage and Scheduling Displays at no additional cost. Zoom also connects with traditional room systems and supports interactive touch displays.


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Zoom Phone

Modernize employee and customer interactions with an VoIP phone system with all of the features you need, including elevating phone calls to a Zoom Meeting without requiring participants to hang up and dial in to a separate bridge.


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Speed of Innovation

Zoom’s innovation is driven by customer input and a vision to empower people to accomplish more. Our experienced engineering team released an unmatched 300+ new features last year!


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Streamlined Integration with Teams

With the Zoom integration for Microsoft Teams, frictionless video communication is as simple as navigating to your Zoom Meetings tab or using @mentions from your preferred channel.


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*Source - Trust Radius: Best Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) Solutions

Zoom, it just works!

See what customers have to say

"Zoom video has really changed the way our employees communicate, both internally and with our external patients and partners. Their service is reliable and easy to use. We have been able to decommission many point solutions (desktop video, rooms, web conferencing, audio conferencing) and replace them with one service (Zoom) that our employees have found very easy and reliable to use.”

Head of Technical Operations | Manufacturing | $30B+ enterprise

“Zoom has had the most stable connection our company has ever experienced. Previous software would lock up, freeze, or drop the connection. We've had many vendors ask to use our Zoom instead of what they use due to the reliability!”

Marketing Manager | Telecommunications | Enterprise(1001-5000 employees)

“Simple to use, clear video, and audio. Zoom is more stable than Skype and easier to use than Teams without being dependent on other MS products.”

Elizabeth Hudak | PMP Manager Telecom & Network Operations | Element Fleet ManagementFinancial Services | 1001-5000 employees

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