Create a home office powered by Zoom

    Whether you’re the type to be in marathon meetings all day or casually syncing with your friends virtually, here are setups to help you connect with colleagues, friends, and family through Zoom Meetings at home.

    Before you start looking at setups, make sure you have the right licenses and software

    Tech Essentials for the “Classic” Home Office Setup

    This classic setup is going to help you have a great video communication and collaboration experience.

    Set up your desk area

    Find a quiet, dedicated area for a desk where you have a large monitor, comfortable chair, mouse, and keyboard.

    Get a good webcam

    Find a good quality webcam that’s placed at eye-level, and ensure you’re well lit. Try and use a webcam light to make sure you always have good lighting. It makes a huge difference!

    Get a good headset

    Choose a comfortable headset that blocks out background noise. If you’re in a pinch, Airpods or earbuds with a mic go a long way and typically sound better than your laptop audio system.

    Coming August 2020

    Zoom for Home - DTEN Me

    Elevate your home office with the all-in-one personal collaboration device for a frictionless remote working experience.
    Zoom for Home - immersive in-office collaboration from home
    Zoom for Home - immersive in-office collaboration from home

    Get immersive in-office collaboration right from home

    Zoom for Home brings your calendar, meetings, and phone together in one dedicated device.

    • High-quality microphone, camera, and speakers

    • Touch displays for easy whiteboarding and annotation

    • Simple for IT to deploy and manage

    Tips and tricks for remote working

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