Making space for AI-enhanced hybrid collaboration

Today’s employees aren’t ever in one place. People may be working from home, others in the office, and some on the road. The way we work has evolved, and so has the way we communicate.

Intelligent director is designed to support flexible communication by creating an inclusive hybrid meeting environment. This Zoom Rooms feature gives people in the room their own space in a gallery view so they have the same opportunity to be seen and heard as everyone else in the meeting.

Space to stand out

The traditional conference room experience can come at the cost of clarity and transparency. Someone can get lost in the back of the room, or left out if they’re not in the office. Meaningful connections can’t be mutually exclusive with a physical location — we have to find ways to share information in real time, regardless of where people are.

Building on the popular smart gallery feature for Zoom Rooms, intelligent director, patent pending, uses multiple cameras and the latest AI technology to determine the best angle of the individuals in a Zoom Room to display within a meeting. And it’s included in existing and new Zoom Rooms.

Intelligent director is currently only supported on Windows and Mac platforms, but will be available on other approved appliances in the future.

Let artificial intelligence find the right angles

Whether you’re discussing important matters in an executive briefing, chatting with a top candidate in an interview panel, or just holding a regular team check-in, you want to make sure everyone feels like they have a voice. With intelligent director’s AI technology pulling from multiple in-room cameras to identify the best view of each individual, you help everyone feel heard, involved, and included.

Technology that supports inclusion

Space to feel seen
Get face to face
Freedom to collaborate
Have your own space
Space to feel seen Get face to face Freedom to collaborate Have your own space

Hardware partners

Our partners help equip customers with purpose-built hardware solutions that make it easier than ever to scale, deploy, and manage our conference room solution Zoom Rooms. Supporting both Smart Gallery and intelligent director, hardware partners, like Yealink, Aver, and HP|Poly, offer options for anyone hoping to find the right fit for their work space.

Zoom Room Appliances for intelligent director will be coming soon.

Better meetings begin here

Enable inclusive conference rooms and dynamic hybrid meetings with intelligent director.

Better meetings begin here

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