Zoom Webinars

    Humanize your connection with large audiences

    video conferencing

    Host webinars that put your presenters, not presentation slides, front and center

    Connect in a more personal way

    Stop hiding behind content and put your authentic self front and center. Connect with both internal and external audiences by sharing live HD video.

    Present with confidence

    Leverage virtual backgrounds, studio effects and background noise suppression to look and sound your best no matter where you are presenting. Control the experience to minimize audience interruptions.

    Scale to massively large audiences

    Reliably and securely scale to 50,000 people in your live video webinar. Grow your external audience by live streaming your event on YouTube Live, Facebook Live and other custom streaming services.

    Get more from your webinar platform

    Promote your brand

    • Customize your webinar registration page and reminder emails
    • Promote your social share buttons
    • Build your own post-webinar landing page
    • Brand the live streaming video watermark

    Interact and engage with your audience

    • Support in-session chat
    • Answer and moderate Q&A throughout the session
    • Allow attendees to raise hand and respond to polls
    • Promote attendees to panelists who can share audio and video
    • Gather attendee feedback with an automatic post-webinar survey

    Build your business

    • Collect contact information from registrants
    • Push webinar contacts as leads into your CRM
    • Nurture attendees with marketing automation integrations
    • Monetize your webinars through paid registration

    Track and measure success

    • Report on webinar attendance
    • Measure audience engagement
    • Analyze Q&A as well as results to audience polls and surveys
    • Easily export all data into a csv file

    Partner with Zoom experts

    • Plan and create your webinars with a Zoom expert who can guide your set up
    • Rehearse and practice leveraging knowledge of Zoom’s best practices
    • Stress less with dedicated live event support, monitoring and moderation from Zoom
    • Learn more about Zoom Online Event Consulting

    Join a live Zoom Webinars to experience the difference