Work Transformation Summit 2022

A virtual experience

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January 19th, 2022
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Why Attend?

Business leaders are wrestling with tough questions right now: Do we return to the office, or implement hybrid or remote models? What is best for our employees, customers, and company? What model is most productive, employee-friendly, and suitable for our unique company culture and ways of working? Whatever we choose, how can we make it successful? What will this choice mean for our tech stack, policies, hiring, real estate, and more?

Join Zoom for a free one-day virtual event exploring these questions and more, as we help you find the answers that will empower you to create a successful remote, hybrid, or co-located work model going forward.

The Work Transformation Summit promises to inspire our partners to learn more about how they can use Zoom to transform their organization’s definition of work starting now.

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8:45am PDT 15 min

Virtual Doors Open

9:00am PDT 30 min

The Future of Work Is Here

Keynote - Eric Yuan, Zoom CEO

9:30am PDT 30 min

How We Transform Work

10:00am PDT 10 min


10:10am PDT 30 min

Customer Panel

10:40am PDT 20 min

Zoom in Action

A Virtual Tour

11:00am PDT 30 min

Breakout Sessions

  • Transforming Where Work Happens
  • Transforming How Work Happens
  • Elevate your Customer Experiences
11:30am PDT 30 min

Transforming Our Mindset

Thriving in the New Work Landscape

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