Our Purpose

Zoom's value is to care. We are committed to a future where all people and the environment are cared for.

At Zoom Cares we are creating that future by bringing the best of Zoom to help solve some of humanity’s biggest challenges. We deploy funding, technology, and technical expertise to help solve educational and social inequities and climate change.

Zoom Cares Focus Areas


We fund innovations that help ensure every child gets access to a high-quality education.

Social Equity

We fund innovations that help disrupt disparities in race, power, and wealth.

Climate Change

We fund innovations that help decrease greenhouse gas emissions and create healthy communities for all.

Non-Profit Discounts

Zoom offers discounted products to non-profits through our partnership with Tech Soup.

Access Discount

2021 Impact Report

Learn about organizations around the world that made a critical difference, and how Zoom was able to support them.

Impact Report

Employee Involvement


Zoom’s adoption of the WePledge program provides a framework to set aside time and resources for personal impact. We supports our employees to take their pledge, live their commitment, and make a positive impact.

Matching gift program

We support the personal contributions of our generous employees with a dollar-for-dollar match.


Zoom’s employees are encouraged to actively serve their local communities by volunteering with organizations they care about.