How is Zoom different than GoToMeeting?

Zoom’s scalability, reliability, and innovation sets it apart from GoToMeeting. Customers switch to Zoom for a better video meeting experience and a complete solution with meetings, webinars, chat, room solutions, and phone. It’s time to #LogYouOut and #GoToZoom!

Best-in-Class Video Meetings

With Zoom Meetings, you can have up to 1,000 video participants join a meeting at once. In Zoom meetings, more people turn on their video because of its ease-of-use, quality, and features like virtual backgrounds. Companies report on average an 85% increase in video usage when they switch to Zoom, and VoIP is used 6x more than telephony.


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Speed of Innovation

Zoom is an agile and innovative organization driven by customer input — our experienced engineering team released 300+ new features last year!


new features released last year

Rock-Solid Reliability

Don’t let one person’s poor network impact your entire meeting experience. With Zoom, you’re able to host meetings with minimal interruptions in any low-bandwidth environment, as Zoom supports up to 45% packet loss and every video and audio feed is unique.


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Scalable Room Solutions

Zoom offers the choice to work with best-of-breed hardware providers like Logitech, Poly, and Neat, among many others. Zoom can also integrate with any existing endpoints you may already have implemented. And you can add Digital Signage and Scheduling Displays throughout your organization for no additional cost.


additional cost for Digital Signage & Scheduling Displays

Unified Platform

With Zoom, you’re able to access one natively unified platform where you can fire up video meetings, make phone calls, host webinars, chat with your team, and much more. One single pane of glass for all your communication needs — it's just that simple.


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Zoom, it just works!

See what customers have to say

"Zoom is a remarkable platform for removing the location and time barrier for meetings or conferences. I've been extremely satisfied with the AV quality, advanced features, and reliability. If given the opportunity to choose a video conferencing platform again, I would absolutely go with Zoom - no regrets."

Instructional Technology Facilitator in the Education Industry

“For work meetings, we have used Skype, GoTo Meeting, and WebEx. Hands down, Zoom is my favorite. It's easy to install and connect to, seldom buggy, HIPAA compliant, and I love the "Brady Bunch" feature of displaying all meeting participants on one screen. It's easy to share screens, record the meeting, and manage participants.”

E-Learning Mid-Market (500-1000 employees)

“I think Zoom works for all scenarios honestly. I just can't think of any other solution that delivers on this level. I have had a love affair with Zoom for over 4 years now and the flames haven't stopped burning.”

Johny Jacques, QoS Analyst, HubSpot, Marketing and Advertising, 1001-5000 employees

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