Notification of Special Terms that Apply in Germany for Zoom Phone

Effective November 2021

These Special Terms apply to the Zoom Phone Service in Germany:

  1. For Business Use Only. The Zoom Phone Service is solely for business use and is not a consumer offering.  Private consumers may not purchase the Zoom Phone Service.
  2. Billing. All billing is done on a time interval of sixty seconds unless otherwise noted in the applicable rates.
  3. VAT Excluded. All rates shown on the Zoom website for the Zoom Phone Service in Germany are exclusive of VAT.
  4. Telecommunications Arbitration Board. Notwithstanding contrary provisions in the Terms of Use, disputes between Zoom and Customer shall be subject to arbitration before the Telecommunications Arbitration Board of the Federal Network Agency of Germany where required by applicable law.

Zoom's policies may require modifications in order to comply with applicable laws and regulatory requirements. Any such changes to Zoom's policies will be posted here. If you would like to receive notification of updates to our policies, please provide your email address in the box below.