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Find and book a meeting space to optimize room utilization

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Makes it easy to book ad-hoc meetings and manage room utilization.

View the number of people already in the room before entering.

Quickly see all available rooms on a floor and reserve them directly from the display.

Common Spaces tips

Tips to improve your room scheduling experience

Incredible Value with 1 Zoom Rooms license

With just a single Zoom Rooms license, you can enable scheduling displays across your organization. This is an incredible value add for companies who are looking for a space booking solution.

Instantly view availability from a distance

Availability indicators on scheduling displays make it clear to individuals from a distance whether or not the room is available.

Why is room utilization important?

Empty meeting rooms reduce the cost-effectiveness of these spaces. Learn how organizations need to take a proactive role in ensuring their meeting spaces are used effectively. Read the blog post.

Room setup

Scheduling displays should be positioned outside of a meeting room to display room availability.

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Want help planning your meeting spaces?

Our Professional Services team provides flexible plans to help ensure your Zoom Rooms experience is flawless. Get hands-on assistance to navigate every step of the process from design, development and project management, to deployment and installation.

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