Virtual Phone System for Business

Virtual phone systems are cloud-based communications solutions for businesses of all sizes. Millions of firms have made the switch to take advantage of advanced features, predictable pricing, and greater flexibility.

Multi-Line Phone Systems for Business

How does a virtual phone system work?

Virtual phone systems make use of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. VoIP is a series of telephony protocols that transmits digital voice data over the internet. It allows users to make calls to any phone number, in almost any country, using the internet, rather than a traditional landline telephone provider.

Virtual phone services provide the software, technology, and cloud servers necessary to facilitate internet phone calls. In many ways, these services function similarly to traditional telephone providers. The difference is that they offer lower costs, better features, and a much more versatile product.

VoIP virtual phone services can be operated in a 100% virtual environment, meaning physical phone hardware is not necessary. Calls can be conducted directly through computer programs or mobile device apps. If desired, you can also use traditional office phones, computer headsets, USB phones, or any given combination of devices.

Switching to a virtual phone system for small business offers companies more versatility and lower costs. In the increasingly remote world of work, virtual communications systems provide the flexibility needed to thrive today — and prepare for tomorrow.

Virtual phone system vs. traditional landline

Virtual phone system

  • Make calls from almost any device
  • Requires no physical devices
  • Cost-effective, with transparent and predictable pricing
  • Crystal-clear HD voice quality
  • Combines calling, video conferencing, and chat in one platform
  • User-friendly apps and software for most major devices
  • Infinitely scalable - users and phone lines can be added at the click of a mouse


  • Make calls from landline office phones only
  • Requires dedicated landline phones
  • Higher costs, particularly when advanced features are added
  • Standard voice quality
  • Offers only calling and conference calling
  • No apps or software
  • Limited scalability. Number of users is limited by physical landline connections, and hardware

Business VoIP with Zoom Phone

Zoom is a leader in the digital communication industry, offering powerful tools for video conferencing, internal messaging, business calling, and more. Zoom Phone is specifically designed for use as a virtual phone system, allowing firms of all sizes to modernize their communications networks.

Fixed VoIP - Works across devices

Scalable and flexible

From small brick-and-mortar businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises, Zoom Phone has plans fit for any business. Packages can be upgraded and numbers added with the click of a mouse, offering valuable flexibility for growing companies.

Inexpensive plans and pricing

Virtual phone services vary in cost. Zoom Phone starts at just $8 per user per month. Pricing is transparent and predictable, allowing firms to confidently manage expenses.

Fixed VoIP - Advanced security

Reliable and secure

Zoom is trusted by some of the largest companies in the world. Communications and user data are encrypted using 256-bit encryption technology, while reliability and uptime is bolstered by a global network of cutting-edge servers.

Fixed VoIP - Local numbers

Globally available

Businesses can use Zoom Phone to make calls internationally, whether the recipient is using a landline, cell phone, or VoIP service. Zoom Phone is globally available, with local phone numbers available in 42 countries and growing.

Fixed VoIP - Seamless integration with Zoom Meetings

Integration with your key business apps

Zoom's virtual phone system offers integration with many of the most popular business productivity and sales applications. Experience enhanced productivity with native integrations for Google G Suite, Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, Slack, and more.

Zoom One

Enable modern collaboration with chat, phone, whiteboard, and video meetings in a single offering.

  • Start a phone call or video meeting from a chat message
  • Collaborate on a whiteboard from your desktop or room, and easily share it with others
  • See whether a colleague is available with presence status

Zoom One — your all-in-one communication and collaboration offering.

Seamless integration with Zoom Meetings

Zoom Phone is built on the Zoom platform you know and love. Now, use Zoom for domestic and local calls, internal video meetings, video conference calls with clients, and more.

From Team Chat to Phone to Meetings

Seamlessly elevate a current call into a conference call or video meeting, with the press of a button. Invite new participants, switch devices, and elevate from a one-on-one call to a group video meeting, all without interruption.

One app for everything

Experience the simplicity of Unified Communications with Zoom's virtual phone system. One intuitive app is home to every part of your business’ communication, from chat to voice to video.

Single, predictable bill

Say goodbye to expensive phone plans and unpredictable monthly costs. With Zoom, all communications expenses are summarized on a single bill, with transparent and predictable pricing.

Business Virtual Phone System FAQ

No. Zoom Phone supports phone number porting, so you can transfer over business phone numbers from your existing provider. Both self-service and managed porting and migrations are available. For assistance with setting up your new virtual phone system, contact Zoom Phone Professional Services.

Yes. New users can be added with the click of a mouse. Additional phone numbers can be obtained with ease, whether you want a local number (in any of 40+ supported countries) or a toll-free number. Virtual phone solutions from Zoom can be scaled quickly and inexpensively, giving you the flexibility you need to adapt to changing business environments.

Not necessarily. One big advantage of virtual phone systems is that they can be operated without any additional equipment. Calls can simply be routed through existing desktop computers, or through employee cell phones. If desired, VoIP-enabled desktop phones ( see compatible devices here) can also be set up to work with your virtual system.

For firms wanting to make the switch to a VoIP provider, while keeping traditional office phones, Zoom Phone Hardware as a Service is a great option. This subscription service makes it easy to procure the latest phone hardware, as an easy add-on to your existing Zoom Phone plan.

No. Zoom Phone is a cloud-based virtual business phone service, so everything is hosted virtually. All communications are handled through the native Zoom app, available for most major devices. There is no need for businesses to worry about purchasing physical servers or maintaining them - just sign up for Zoom Phone, and leave the rest to us!

Virtual phone numbers, while traceable, are a safe and inexpensive method of communication. Using a virtual phone system can even keep your data safe from mobile hacking.

Zoom Phone makes it as easy as possible to switch over from a traditional telephone provider. With that said, the complexity of the switch will vary depending on the size of your business, the number of lines, your current equipment, and other factors.

Smaller companies can typically make the switch on their own. Zoom’s onboarding teams are available to help should issues arise. For larger companies, or any business that wants a more customized package, Zoom Phone Professional Services offers full-service installation, managed services, and more.

A VoIP system requires nothing more than an internet connection and a device with audio input and output that connects to the internet, such as a laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Your virtual phone service provides the software and cloud-based service needed to make and receive calls over the internet.

Zoom Phone - Best Multi-line Phone for Business

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