Zoom Phone Numbering Policy

Effective September 2021

Use of Zoom Phone Service is subject to this Numbering Policy, which applies to both new numbers obtained from Zoom for use with the Zoom Phone Services, and existing numbers which are ported to Zoom Phone from another carrier or service.

  1. Numbering Resources. Phone numbers are a resource of the applicable telecommunications regulatory authority. Zoom has the right to change a Customer’s number(s) any time, including porting out and/or substituting an existing number for a new number, if required by Law, applicable regulations or policies, technical reasons, or requirements of Zoom’s underlying telecommunications service providers. Customer does not have any ownership rights in or to phone numbers assigned to it through Zoom Phone.
  2. Number Availability. A listing of a number as ‘available’ does not constitute a guarantee that such number is actually available for provisioning, assignment or use.
  3. Number Porting. The porting of phone numbers (into or out of a Customer Account) requires Customer to cooperate with Zoom’s porting processes, in order to comply with law and industry standards.  The completion of any number port request depends on factors outside of Zoom’s control, including delays caused by Customer and/or other service providers. Timeframes for completion are not fixed deadlines.
    1. Port-In Requests. Customer must comply with the instructions of Zoom’s porting department and keep its existing service active in order to port a phone number to Zoom Phone.  When requested, Customer must provide a letter of authorization or agency (“LOA”) for porting.
    2. Port-Out Requests. In order to port a telephone number currently assigned to a Customer Account out to another telecommunications provider, Customer must follow the instructions specified by Zoom’s porting department and provide all information requested by Zoom, the relevant other services providers, or any other applicable third party.
    3. Unauthorized Port-Outs.  Zoom is required by law to comply with any valid porting request.  However, phone numbers may be ported out from a Customer Account due to acts or omissions of third parties.  Zoom is not responsible for: (i) such unauthorized port-outs; (ii) retrieving numbers ported out of a Customer Account; or (iii) porting-in such numbers and returning them into a Customer Account. Zoom has no responsibility or liability due to such Port-Outs.
    4. Accurate Porting Information.  All information provided by Customer (or any party acting on Customer’s behalf) in connection with any request to Port-In or Port-Out numbers to or from the Zoom Phone Services must be true, accurate, and up-to-date.
    5. Compliance with Porting Laws.  Phone number porting is subject to  telecommunications and other Laws, and also may be subject to third party terms and conditions. Customer (and/or anyone acting on Customer’s behalf), shall not: (i) violate any Law or engage in any deceptive or fraudulent conduct in connection with its porting requests or activities; (ii) engage in or facilitate “slamming” (the illegal practice of switching a traditional wireline telephone company for local, local toll, or long distance service without permission) or the porting out of any telephone number or change or attempt to change any party’s telephon service provider without first obtaining the proper, requisite consents and authorizations; or (iii) violate contractual or other obligations to other service providers or third parties.
  4. Release of Numbers. In the event of Customer Account termination or cancellation, all telephone numbers associated with the Customer Account which have not previously been ported to another provider may be released and available to other customers after 30 days, subject to applicable law.  Customer is solely responsible for working with its new third-party provider to port out any numbers prior to termination or cancellation of Customer’s Account or Zoom Phone Services.
  5. Number Confirmation Before Publication by Customer. All new number assignments made by Zoom are provisional until verified by Zoom and confirmed by Customer. Customer shall not list, publish, or otherwise communicate any number, or incur any costs or expenses for any materials or media reflecting any such number(s), unless and until Customer has confirmed that such number(s) are active and properly functioning.  Acceptable confirmation methods include test calling such number(s) from a non-Zoom Phone service plan.


Zoom’s policies may require modifications in order to comply with applicable laws and regulatory requirements. Any such changes to Zoom’s policies will be posted on Zoom’s Legal and Compliance Resources Page.

Zoom's policies may require modifications in order to comply with applicable laws and regulatory requirements. Any such changes to Zoom's policies will be posted here. If you would like to receive notification of updates to our policies, please provide your email address in the box below.