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Level up your communications — and your business — with cloud phone service for small businesses. Enjoy modern features, low costs, and ultimate versatility with Zoom Phone.

Multi-Line Phone Systems for Business

Why Switch to Zoom Phone?

Zoom Phone is a business phone service that enables firms of any size to thrive in the business communications world of today, while preparing for the workplace of tomorrow. Zoom Phone utilizes Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, utilizing your existing internet connection to make calls.

Works wherever you are

Make calls from the office, from home, or on vacation abroad - all using the same business VoIP phone number. Use Zoom Phone from office computers, smartphones, tablets, desktop phones, and more.

Cost-effective and scalable

Keep expenses low with Zoom Phone’s customizable plans. Add users with the click of a mouse, with no additional hardware required. Scale your plan seamlessly as your business grows, and enjoy ultimate versatility.

Works with integrations

Consolidate tools and simplify workflow with powerful system integrations. Zoom Phone is built to work with Zoom Meetings, combining video and voice into one intuitive platform. Native integrations with Salesforce, Google G-Suite, Slack, Microsoft Office 365, and other business applications help firms enhance productivity.

Simple to use - and manage

Simplify your communications network, enabling employees to focus more on what matters most. Zoom Phone helps workers be more productive - and allows managers to oversee communications, add and remove users, monitor call quality, and more — all within a simple, intuitive platform.

Move to Unified Communications

Unified Communications means having all your communications tools under one digital umbrella. Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) tools like Zoom make this process easy and affordable.

Fixed VoIP - Works across devices

Phone, chat, and video conferencing - all in one place

Zoom Phone is built into the intuitive Zoom platform, allowing users to make calls, send internal messages, and participate in video conferences, all in one application.

Reliable Webinars

Ideal for a remote workforce

The makeup of a typical workforce is shifting rapidly. Zoom Phone allows firms to stay ahead of the curve with innovative features for remote workers. Zoom encourages collaboration and enhances productivity, with advanced tools to keep all workers connected.

Fixed VoIP - Advanced security

Secure and reliable cloud storage

Security and reliability are paramount to successful business communications. Zoom Phone uses TLS 1.2 and AES 256-bit encryption, full geographically dispersed redundancy, and helps enable SOC2*, HIPAA* & Fedramp* compliance. Your VoIP calls are secure and safe to make.

Never get stuck with outdated equipment

Traditional small business phone services require large upfront costs, and lock you into clunky desktop equipment. Zoom Phone gives firms the freedom to use software-based “softphones”, smartphones, desktop computers, and inexpensive USB phones, keeping costs low and versatility high. If desktop phones are preferred, Zoom Phone Hardware as a Service lets you obtain the latest hardware on a subscription basis, with very low upfront costs.

Zoom One

Enable modern collaboration with chat, phone, whiteboard, and video meetings in a single offering.

  • Start a phone call or video meeting from a chat message
  • Collaborate on a whiteboard from your desktop or room, and easily share it with others
  • See whether a colleague is available with presence status

Zoom One — your all-in-one communication and collaboration offering.

Small Business VoIP Phone Service FAQ

Keep your current phone numbers, or get new ones. Zoom Phone supports phone number porting, allowing you to transfer over existing business phone numbers. Self-service options are available, which generally requires businesses to contact their current telephone providers. For larger migrations, Zoom Phone Professional Services offers managed porting and VoIP system set up.

Adding lines to Zoom Phone is simple and inexpensive. Simply log on to the Zoom Administration portal, and add a Zoom Phone user, calling plan and pick a phone number. The line is immediately available for calling via the Zoom desktop or smartphone app. If you want to add physical hardware, such as a desk phone, you can purchase it separately, or order hardware directly from Zoom.

Zoom Phone operates through the Zoom app, which many businesses already use for video conferencing. If you already have the app, no further downloads are necessary. If not, the app is available as a free download for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS, and more.

You can sign up for Zoom Phone in a matter of minutes. The process can be done entirely online, with both self-service and managed options available.

If you are migrating a more advanced telephone system to Zoom Phone, the process can take longer. It’s important to make a plan for porting over numbers, and ensuring a smooth transition without service interruption. For larger firms, Zoom Phone Professional Services can help guide you through the transition process.

For firms with complex systems, or those who are still under contract with an existing provider, Zoom offers a Bring Your Own Carrier option. This allows businesses to take advantage of Zoom Phone’s advanced features, while keeping the contract, calling rates, and phone numbers of their existing small business phone service.

Zoom Phone does support SMS messaging. However, the feature is currently in beta mode.

Zoom Phone costs as little as $8 per user, per month. Total costs will vary depending on the desired number of phone numbers and calling plans. Zoom Phone offers transparent, predictable, and competitive pricing on small business phone service. See our full pricing breakdown here.

Not necessarily. Zoom Phone can operate through office computers, with the use of inexpensive headsets or USB phones. It can be used on mobile devices, via the Zoom app. It can also be used on traditional desktop office phones, so long as they are VoIP-compatible (see a list of compatible devices here).

Zoom Phone Hardware as a Service is another great option. This optional add-on lets firms order the latest VoIP-enabled desktop phones directly from Zoom, with predictable monthly costs, and almost no upfront expense.

VoIP is typically a great option for small businesses because your VoIP network can grow with your small business over time. You can continually add or remove phone lines simply and inexpensively.

All Zoom Phone small business plans include a host of useful features, including call recording, voicemail transcription, call-to-meeting, call transferring between devices, and much more.

Most features are included in all plans. Zoom offers add-on features, such as extra phone numbers, toll-free numbers, and local phone numbers in 45+ countries. These features cost extra, and are customizable to your needs.

Calling can be handled on a pay-as-you-go basis, with competitive metered calling rates. Alternatively, several calling plans are available, with metered and unlimited, and domestic and international options.

Zoom Phone uses security and encryption features to help provide secure, reliable communications for your business VoIP needs. Zoom utilizes TLS 1.2 and AES 256-bit encryption, and our systems help enable SOC2*, HIPAA* & Fedramp* compliance. Our global server network with intelligent routing minimizes the risk of geographical server outages, keeping your communications online 24/7.

Zoom Phone - Best Multi-line Phone for Business

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