Zoom Rooms Appliances

    Zoom Rooms Appliances are purpose-built to make it easier than ever to scale, deploy, and manage Zoom Rooms

    Think of all the rooms you can video enable

    Everything IT teams love

    • Easy to procure
    • Easy to set-up
    • Easy to manage

    Everything your employees love

    • Easy to meet
    • Easy to share content
    • Easy to control

    Ultra simple set-up

    3 simple steps to enable one-tap meetings

    Connect it

    All the components you need with minimal set-up for a hassle-free installation.


    Boot it

    Just turn it on. This purpose-built solution takes you straight into a flawless Zoom Rooms experience.


    Activate it

    Simply log in with your Zoom Admin information and activate your Zoom Room!

    Remote room management

    • Device firmware upgrades

    • Auto-pairing and provisioning

    • Device status & health all the other admin features to help you proactively minimize room downtime.

    Enhanced Voice Commands for Zoom Rooms

    • Alexa for Business gives users the freedom to manage meetings and more. Start a meeting by simply saying “Alexa, start meeting”.
    • You can also use Zoom’s set of voice commands to control meetings hands-free.

    Globally available options to choose from

    Zoom Rooms the Neat way

    Poly Studio X Video Bars

    DTEN ON All-in-One Video Conferencing

    Available for pre-order

    Logitech Appliance Solutions

    Zoom Rooms Hardware as a Service

    Scale your video conference rooms with budget-friendly hardware options and advanced hardware replacement at an affordable, fixed, monthly price
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    How it works

    Purchase Zoom Rooms appliance(s) for each room

    Make sure you have a Zoom Rooms license for each room

    All done!

    Plug it in, sign in, and voila, you have a video-enabled meeting room

    Enterprise-grade video conferencing without enterprise-sized complications

    Interested in deploying Zoom Rooms? Let’s get in touch.

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    There’s more!

    For large or custom Zoom Rooms deployments, customers can still leverage an open hardware ecosystem to meet your use case!