Zoom Rooms Hardware as a Service

Zoom Rooms Hardware as a Service

Scale your video conference rooms with hardware options and simple hardware upgrades at an affordable, fixed monthly price.

* Zoom Rooms Hardware as a Service does not include the corresponding Zoom Rooms license which must be purchased separately. Zoom Hardware as a Service is only available in the US and select EMEA regions. All prices shown for Zoom Rooms services are exclusive of indirect taxes (e.g., U.S. state and local taxes, VAT, GST, and HST or any other consumption taxes), digital taxes and environmental taxes to the extent they apply.

Tailored for IT flexibility

Low upfront costs and predictable budgets

Avoid large upfront costs with affordable monthly prices for best-of-breed room kits.

Simple technology upgrades

3-year equipment refreshes keep rooms current with the latest technology.

One-stop, streamlined purchasing

Consolidate your software and hardware subscriptions on a single invoice from Zoom.

Hardware offerings designed for a flawless Zoom Rooms experience

Neat Bar & Neat Pad


Neat Pad




Poly Studio X30 & TC8


Poly Studio X50 & TC8


Yealink A20 & CTP18 Controller

Yealink A20 & CTP18 Controller


Yealink A30 & CTP18 Controller

Yealink A30


Logitech Rally Bar + Tap IP



Logitech Rally Bar Mini + Tap IP



How it works

Choose your kits and submit an order request form

A Zoom specialist will get in contact with you to place your order.

All done!

At the end of your term, you can decide to renew, refresh, or cancel your Hardware as a Service subscription.

Get in touch with a Zoom specialist to learn more about Zoom Rooms Hardware as a Service.

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