Zoom Rooms includes features that share images, videos, and websites across any display

Zoom Rooms Digital Signage

Leverage displays, in and out of conference rooms, to project compelling content to your employees and guests.

Easily manage Digital Signage content

Manage Digital Signage content through the Zoom Admin Portal and remotely control the content displayed across screens.

  • Role-based administration settings

  • Set hierarchies to manage displays at scale

  • Schedule content to be shown on specific days

Leverage your Digital Signage displays for collaboration

In addition to displaying any digital signage, the signage be used to wirelessly content share with Sharing Key, wireless content share with Airplay, as well as to be invited into a meeting via auto-answer. These capabilities are optional settings that can be adjusted through the Admin Portal.

Works with any display, all you need is a network connection

For Zoom Rooms, this capability is already enabled by default. For a Digital Signage only display, connect the display to a computer source and you’ll get the full Digital Signage capabilities. View our list of recommended hardware for Digital Signage only displays.

Bonus: Broadcast Webinars and Meetings across Digital Signage

Leverage Digital Signage to broadcast your all-hands and townhall meetings and webinars.

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