Configure in 3 Easy Steps

Flawless Video, Integrated Audio, and Wireless Content Sharing

Step 1. Configure Zoom Rooms

After purchasing your software subscription, sign in to your Zoom account, add Zoom Rooms from the "Zoom Rooms" tab and configure your settings

Step 2. Connect the Hardware

Connect your monitor to the computer, followed by your camera, microphone and speakers.
Connect your iPad, Android or Windows tablet to the local network. More Details

Step 3. Install the Software

Download and setup Zoom Rooms software for Mac or Windows
Download and install the Zoom Rooms app for iPad or Android tablet

Zoom Rooms Professional Services

Deploy painlessly and quickly.
  • Zoom's Professional Services team can help you transform your conference rooms in no time.
  • Site survey with recommended hardware and a detailed system set-up and configuration guide.
  • Options for remote or on-site deployment services.