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Country code: +81
Number Ordering (All Numbers)
Documents Required for Number Ordering
  • Proof of ID (Name, address, date of birth and photo) of Director or of Authorized Company Representative
    • The identification document shall be a photograph of one of the following:
      • Driver’s license
      • My Number Card (i.e., the government-issued card indicating the holder’s uniquely assigned identification number)
      • Other original documents issued by government agencies containing the person’s name, address, date of birth, and photo.
  • Proof of Company Address
    • Certificate of tax payments, a certificate of social insurance premium payments, or a certificate of utility bill payments with the address of the business office.
  • Company Registration Documents
    • Company registration documents – these documents must match the information associated with the Japan Registration Information Service.
    • If the company is established in a foreign jurisdiction, then any of the following are also acceptable:
      • A document issued pursuant to the laws of that jurisdiction
      • A document issued by a foreign government recognized by Japan or documents equivalent thereto, which indicate the company’s business.
  • Know-Your-Customer Declaration Form
  • Power of Attorney requirement for non-directors submitting KYC form


  • Do not upload the backside of My Number Card
  • A mailer will be sent to verify the Applicant’s physical address.
  • The supporting document(s) must have been issued within the last 6 months and be valid at the time of upload.
  • If the individual submitting this document is an authorized company representative whose name does not appear on the official company registration documents as a listed company director, then the individual must appear by Zoom web meeting and at such meeting present the originals of the submitted identification documents.