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Country code: +81
Number Ordering (0ABJ and 050 Number)
Documents Required for Number Ordering
  • Proof of ID (Name, address, date of birth and photo) of Director or of Authorized Company Representative
    • The identification document shall be a photograph of one of the following:
      • Driver’s license
      • My Number Card (i.e., the government-issued card indicating the holder’s uniquely assigned identification number)
      • Other original documents issued by government agencies containing the person’s name, address, date of birth, and photo.
  • Proof of Company Address
    • Certificate of tax payments, a certificate of social insurance premium payments, or a certificate of utility bill payments with the address of the business office.
  • Company Registration Documents
    • Company registration documents – these documents must match the information associated with the Japan Registration Information Service.
    • If the company is established in a foreign jurisdiction, then any of the following are also acceptable:
      • A document issued pursuant to the laws of that jurisdiction
      • A document issued by a foreign government recognized by Japan or documents equivalent thereto, which indicate the company’s business.
  • Know-Your-Customer Declaration Form
  • Power of Attorney requirement for non-directors submitting KYC form


  • Do not upload the backside of My Number Card
  • A mailer will be sent to verify the Applicant’s physical address.
  • The supporting document(s) must have been issued within the last 6 months and be valid at the time of upload.
  • If the individual submitting this document is an authorized company representative whose name does not appear on the official company registration documents as a listed company director, then the individual must appear by Zoom web meeting and at such meeting present the originals of the submitted identification documents.
Porting (0ABJ Number)
Documents Required for Porting

Letter of Authorization (LOA) and Porting Sheet

  • LOA Should be signed with company chop/stamp.
  • Porting Sheet must be filled out.


Copy of invoice



  • Only NTT (East and West) “Native PSTN 0ABJ and not VoIP” numbers linked to specific services can be ported.
  • Only Verified address or completed KYC will be processed.