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    Country code: +33
    Number Ordering / Porting (Local Number)
    Documents Required for Porting
    Letter of Authorization (LOA)
        a. Should be hand-signed and dated within the last 3 months
        b. The local address on the LOA Should match the 
           area code of the porting numbers.
        c. SIRET number should be written on the LOA
        d. Company Stamp on the LOA
    Copy of Bill
    For Individual end-user:
        a. Copy of ID
             - National ID card
             - Passport
        b. Proof of address can be:
             - A third-party issued monthly bank statement 
               issued within the last six months
             - Any public utility bills such as gas, electric 
               (showing regular use of services) that was issued in 
               the last six months
             - A government document issued in the last year
    For a Business end-user:
        a. An Enterprise Registration Certificate / Business 
           Registration document (such as a Kbis or INSEE document)
        b. If the relevant address is not stated on this document, 
           you will need to provide valid proof of address

    NOTE: If your local telephone numbers are currently provided by a reseller, please ask your reseller to let you know the losing carrier name in France to help speed up the number transfer process. SIRET number is mandatory on the LOA.

    Documents Required for Number Ordering

    Customer name

    Service/Physical address in France (should match the
    area code and address stated in the proof of address)

    Proof of address Enterprise Registration Certificate
    /Business Registration document (such as a Kbis or
    INSEE document)

    Emergency Numbers