Secure and simplify workforce access to a world-class collaboration suite

The Challenge

Employees increasingly working from home and signing on with their own devices puts enterprise networks at increased risk of security breaches

Users need unfettered access to collaboration tools so they can be productive, while enterprises need to keep workforce identities and assets secure

Manually verifying and provisioning access for external users is time-consuming for IT teams

The Solution

Okta + Zoom provide a secure but simple login experience that improves security and supports productivity

Single Sign-on (SSO) keeps login simple, while Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) ensures Zoom attendees are who they say they are

IT admins can easily provision and deprovision users from within Zoom using Okta’s unified portal

The integration can be quickly installed within your existing IT infrastructure, and is easy for enterprises to use and maintain

Secure frictionless access, so teams can collaborate anywhere, anytime

The Zoom + Okta integration secures remote collaboration across your organization. Okta’s industry-leading Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) capabilities simplify and secure access to Zoom’s market-leading HD videoconferences, web meetings, and other communication offerings, so users can easily connect and securely collaborate.

Give IT teams strong access management controls and automated provisioning

A SCIM integration lets user information and attributes like group status flow automatically between Okta and Zoom, so IT managers can create, deactivate, and update users directly in Zoom, and can confidently automate provisioning and deprovisioning. The integration can be deployed quickly into any organization’s infrastructure, rapidly bringing authenticated users all the way through into the shared collaborative spaces they’re provisioned for.

Okta + Zoom work together to secure workforce collaboration

Keep your teams productive with seamless, secure access to world-class Zoom collaboration

Safely enable a remote, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environment and support an identity-driven Zero Trust security posture

Simplify access management for IT teams while improving security and enhancing productivity