Work Transformation Summit

How to deliver impactful customer experiences

A virtual eventApril 13, 2022

Because every interaction with your brand counts.

Work Transformation Summit - Impactful Customer Experiences

Work Transformation Summit

Why Attend?

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    Organizations have made massive shifts to support the anywhere workforce, but new ways of working can impact how your customers – and employees – experience your brand. So how are you thinking about the critical experiences you’re delivering to your most important stakeholders?
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    Every interaction counts in a video-first world, and premium customer service is where competitive differentiation happens. Companies that embrace modern expectations while leaving people feeling appreciated are the next disruptors.
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    Join Zoom for a free, half-day virtual event, hosted by Global Deputy CIO, Gary Sorrentino, to learn how leading organizations are using technology to reimagine every brand experience, deliver more human interactions, and delight their customers.
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    You’ll discover how leaders who understand where to meet their customers and employees – and how to engage them – are better positioned to create a positive brand experience and attract raving fans.

Summit Agenda

Event moderated by Gary Sorrentino, Global Deputy CIO, Zoom

  • Wednesday, April 13th
9:00 - 9:45am PT

Keynote: Humanizing the Customer Experience

Speakers: Oded Gal & Brian Solis
Join Zoom’s Chief Product Officer, Oded Gal, for an inspiring keynote about the value of humanizing the customer experience and its power to propel your organization to greater success.The state of the customer experience is more important now than ever before and we must create meaningful relationships as the world become increasingly customer-centric. Our guest speaker, Brian Solis, is the Global Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce who will join Oded to explore the most “of-the-moment” trends and factors that are driving the evolution of the customer experience. And, we will provide an overview of Zoom products and innovations that can help you and your organization strengthen your customer experience efforts.
9:45 - 10:15am PT

Reframing the Customer Experience

Speakers: Heidi Elmore, Zoom; Dave Michels, TalkingPointz; Robin Gareiss, Metrigy Research
Moderated by a Zoom leader, two outside analysts will be on hand for a lively discussion about the quickly changing landscape of customer experience and mindset.This panel moderated by Zoom’s Heidi Elmore, Head of Product Marketing, features two industry experts, Robin Gareiss from Metrigy Research and Dave Michels from TalkingPointz, in a lively discussion about the quickly changing landscape of customer experience and mindset. No longer are we in a world where one size fits all and our customers expect personalized and on-demand service and communication. TThis session will help you get there by providing a roadmap to help your organization create deeper customer relationships and experiences that ultimately translate to increased loyalty and sales.
10:15 - 10:50am PT

Meeting Customers Where They Already Are

Speakers: Megan Donaldson, Zoom; Bruce Temkin, Qualtrics; Dan Steinman, Gainsight; Jon Herstein,
This panel features business leaders from Box, Gainsight and Qualtrics who will discuss how they are prioritizing the customer experience within their organizations.Expect an elevated conversation, moderated by Zoom’s Megan Donaldson, as this group of thought leaders representing diverse business sectors discuss the challenges they have faced in reacting to the ever-changing needs of their customer base. Our panelists will also provide specific insights into how they address these ongoing challenges, including the shift to the “work-from-anywhere workforce” and how this impacts customer interactions as well as plans to further digitize the customer experience while maintaining human connection.
11:00 - 11:30am PT


Amplifying Through Meaningful Connections
  • Speakers: Robin Bunevich, Jaclyn Zhuang, Joel Ndreu, Kat Adams Josh Stanley Theresa Larkin
  • Description: Join a discussion around how your organization can implement tools like Zoom Events and Webinar to create deeper, more human customer connections while also amplifying your key messages and sales tactics.
Supporting Customers Every Step of the Way
  • Speakers: Josh Stanley
  • Descripiton: When customers need support, they want human connection and Zoom is here to support this need with our Contact Center. Learn more about this new solution from Zoom and get all of the details you need to bring face-to-face video communication to your customers’ support needs today.
Improving Seller Performance and Customer Experience
  • Speakers: Theresa Larkin
  • Description: Receive a full walkthrough of one of Zoom’s latest products, Zoom Revenue Accelerator, a sales intelligence solution that turns customer conversations into meaningful, actionable insights.
11:30 - 12:00pm PT

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Work Transformation Summit

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