Why Choose Fixed VoIP Over Non-Fixed VoIP Systems

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phone systems enable businesses to make calls globally while enjoying advanced calling features and cost-effective pricing. Fixed VoIP lines offer substantial benefits over non-fixed VoIP numbers, including top-tier security, greater credibility, and enhanced business phone features.

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How do VoIP phone systems work?

What are multi-line phones

Voice over internet protocol, or VoIP, is a series of telephony protocols that allow for voice data to be transmitted digitally over the internet. VoIP phone technology interacts with traditional telephone networks, allowing VoIP users to make calls globally to almost any phone number on any type of phone service.

Millions of businesses have made the switch to VoIP services to enjoy enhanced mobility, better features, and lower costs. With VoIP systems, users can make and receive calls on different devices, such as office phones, smartphones, and even desktop computers.

Despite its growing popularity, there remains a lot of confusion over VoIP and how it works. You may have heard the terms fixed VoIP lines or non-fixed VoIP phone lines. Both use essentially the same technology, but understanding the key differences between the two is critical to choosing the right option for your business.

What are fixed VoIP lines?

A fixed VoIP phone number is tied to a specific physical address. In order to obtain fixed VoIP phone numbers, you need to have a physical business or residential address that’s in the same geographical area as the phone number’s area code.

Despite the name, fixed VoIP phone numbers are portable, meaning you can keep your phone number even if you move, and they can be utilized from many different devices.

On the other hand, non-fixed VoIP numbers are not tied to a physical address. They are often easier to obtain, with many non-fixed VoIP service providers requiring nothing more than an email registration to assign a number. This offers many benefits — however, it also means that non-fixed VoIP numbers are more commonly used for spam calling and robocalls.

Keep in mind that some VoIP service providers, like Zoom Phone, allow you to have both fixed and non-fixed VoIP numbers. In this way, businesses with a global reach — but not necessarily a global presence — can still obtain a business phone system with virtual phone numbers in the markets they serve. Hybrid VoIP phone solutions also make it easier for office staff and remote workers to integrate and collaborate productively.

Advantages of a fixed VoIP phone number

Fixed VoIP Phone Lines

  • Requires numbers to be tied to a physical address
  • Lends more credibility to your business
  • Can make and receive calls on most devices
  • Calls will be displayed correctly in caller ID systems
  • Calls can be traced to a location, reducing fraud
  • Emergency services can be contacted quickly, and location data can be shared in the event of an emergency

Non-Fixed VoIP Phone Lines

  • Does not require a physical address
  • Commonly used for robocalling and spam
  • Can make and receive calls on most devices
  • Numbers can be more easily faked or masked
  • Can be easier to obtain than fixed numbers
  • Often more limited in available features

Tied to a physical address

A fixed VoIP phone number is tied to a physical address — usually your business’ office or headquarters. You’ll get a local phone number with your local area code, which will properly display on caller ID systems. This lends better credibility to your business, particularly with local customers. While fixed VoIP phone lines require a physical address, they can still be used virtually from other locations.

More secure

Fixed VoIP phone lines are typically more secure than non-fixed VoIP phone lines. Because each number is tied to a physical address, calls can be traced back to the source, reducing the risk of fraudulent behavior and phone number hijacking. Plus, fixed VoIP phone numbers are usually obtained through credible, enterprise-class VoIP providers, which follow the latest encryption standards to ensure that your phone communications are secure and private.

Emergency calling

Fixed VoIP phone numbers from reliable providers enable safe and secure 911 calling with enhanced 911 (E911), which automatically provides location data in the event of an emergency situation. Conversely, non-fixed VoIP numbers often don’t provide the same level of location data to emergency services.

Full features and functionality

Fixed VoIP offers a full suite of useful business phone features, such as auto attendant, voicemail transcription, call forwarding, and much more. Some VoIP providers like Zoom Phone even offer voice, video, and conferencing on one unified communications platform.

Zoom One

Enable modern collaboration with chat, phone, whiteboard, and video meetings in a single offering.

  • Start a phone call or video meeting from a chat message
  • Collaborate on a whiteboard from your desktop or room, and easily share it with others
  • See whether a colleague is available with presence status

Zoom One — your all-in-one communication and collaboration offering.

Fixed VoIP phone service from Zoom Phone

Offering fixed VoIP phone solutions, Zoom Phone is the versatile choice for modern business communications. Zoom Phone makes it simple and cost-effective for businesses to make the switch to VoIP.

Fixed VoIP - Local numbers

Local numbers

Zoom Phone offers low-cost access to local phone numbers in over 40 countries and counting. Give your business enhanced visibility and credibility with a local phone number in the market you serve.

Fixed VoIP - Flexible options

Flexible options

With the option to choose your fixed VoIP numbers, you can have a global communications footprint, regardless of your business’s physical location.

Fixed VoIP - Advanced security

Advanced security

Zoom Phone is a secure communications solution, trusted by Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike. Zoom Phone supports standards-based encryption using SIP over TLS 1.2 Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit algorithm, so you can rest assured knowing that your communications are private and secure.

Fixed VoIP - Works across devices

Works across devices

Zoom Phone gives you and your employees ultimate versatility, allowing you to take calls on almost any device. Seamlessly make and receive calls from an office phone, computer, smartphone, or tablet, and transfer your call between devices without interruption.

Fixed VoIP - Seamless integration with Zoom Meetings

Seamless integration with Zoom Meetings

Zoom Phone integrates with Zoom Meetings, bringing your business communications together on one intuitive platform. You can easily elevate a phone call to a Zoom Meeting and even invite more people to join with a simple click. Plus, conduct conference calls, exchange instant messages, and more, all from a single application.


How does a VoIP number work?

A VoIP number works in a similar way to a traditional phone system. The main difference is that the audio from the call is transmitted over the internet instead of a physical phone line.

What is a non-fixed VoIP phone system?

A non-fixed VoIP phone system is just like a regular VoIP phone number — the only difference is that a non-fixed VoIP phone system is assigned to a virtual phone number that can be used on a range of devices rather than a specific device or phone line.

What is a fixed VoIP system?

A fixed VoIP system is attached to a specific phone line or device rather than a virtual phone number — it still uses the internet to transmit your voice, however.

Why would someone use a non-fixed VoIP phone line?

A non-fixed VoIP phone line allows someone to receive a call on multiple devices, providing users with the freedom to take calls on different devices such as a mobile phone, desk phone, or softphone without needing multiple different numbers.

Are non-fixed VoIP numbers spam?

Spam callers often use non-fixed VoIP numbers because they are easier to generate and use. However, most non-fixed VoIP numbers are not spam and are used legitimately.

Can you track a non-fixed VoIP number?

A non-fixed VoIP number is not fixed to a device and does not have a physical address. This can make these numbers more difficult to track.

Can you track a fixed VoIP number?

Because a fixed VoIP number is fixed to a device and has a physical address and location, it can be easier to track fixed VoIP numbers.

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