Work Transformation Summit

Explore the intersection of AI and human connection at our virtual summit

There’s no question — AI is changing the world. As we move into this new era of AI and automation, we must examine the benefits and issues surrounding AI and human connection.

Ideally, new AI technologies help make workplace interactions more meaningful, streamline processes, and communicate more effectively with coworkers, teams, and customers. But it’s not always a straight line. Today leaders face issues with bias in algorithms, privacy concerns, and how to integrate automation into company culture. Are you ready for this new landscape?

What to expect from the Work Transformation Summit

What to expect:

  • Hear about Zoom’s approach to generative AI and innovation, with an award-winning AI expert’s look at the implications for human connection.

  • Join a live discussion with a panel of leading analysts to discuss how to best integrate AI into your customer journey.

  • Learn how executives are trying to balance automation and ethics when rolling out AI automation in an organization.

  • Participate in breakout sessions with your peers to discuss crucial topics around AI and the future of work.

  • Gain market specific AGI trends and insights by participating in our regional events in AMER, EMEA and APAC.

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