Child Sexual Abuse Material

At Zoom, we aim to provide our users with an experience that is as open and diverse as it is free from harmful or malicious activity. In line with this, we have a zero-tolerance policy around child sexual abuse and exploitation material.

We define child sexual abuse material (“CSAM”) as any content that depicts or promotes sexual abuse or activity with children. You may refer to our Acceptable Use Guidelines for more detailed information and examples of the types of content we prohibit.

Please use our trust form to let us know of any potential CSAM on the platform. We recommend that you report the case to law enforcement as well. You may provide them with our Government Requests Guide for more information on how to request data from Zoom. We also recommend filing a report with the National Center for Missing and Exploited children (“NCMEC”). NCMEC is a non-profit organization that works directly with local, federal, and international authorities to open its own investigations and bring offenders to justice. When reporting, do not share, download, or upload any sensitive content, as doing so could be deemed criminal.

We permanently suspend accounts that we determine have transmitted, displayed, stored, shared, or promoted CSAM on our platform. Additionally, we alert NCMEC. We may also notify law enforcement and other entities as required by law.

Zoom works hard to ensure that our users feel protected and empowered on our platform. There is no place for exploitative material here, and we will continue to implement new strategies to combat it.