5 Steps to a Large Conference Room:
Large Room
  • Larger rooms require professional-grade cameras and sophisticated microphone and control systems. With its support of video capture cards, Zoom easily scales into these more complex environments. Here are some guidelines that can you can use to work with an AV professional to make the right choices for your space.
  • Check your room's acoustics and lighting.

    Flat surfaces reflect sound, so hard floors, doors and walls can distort your voice. This can be remedied by laying carpet, hanging curtains and installing a soft pin-up board or portable office partition.

    Reduce lighting behind presenters. Bright backlighting makes it hard to see their faces.

    Consider painting your walls a neutral or soft grey tone.

    If possible, choose a narrow room, which can be filled by a single camera better than a wide room.

  • Install microphones and speakers.

    Larger rooms require built-in microphone and speaker systems.

    Choose microphones with echo cancellation. This feature improves clarity by removing echoes and reducing audio "squealing" feedback.

  • Install cameras.

    Position cameras at eye level for better eye contact. If your camera is atop a big screen, you may have to reposition it to the side of the screen.

  • Install screens.

    Two screens are best. They enable you to display the speaker, content, and participants at once.

  • Configure your Mac/PC and iPad Controller.

    Connect your screen, microphone and camera to your Mac/PC. Then run Zoom Rooms app on your Mac/PC and iPad controller.

    When using dual screens, set your computer's display mode to extended displays.

Suggested Equipment:
  • 2 Screens:
    60" to 80" LCD/LED monitor for speaker feed
    Minimum 60" LCD screen for presentation feed at a 12-person conference table
  • 1 Web Camera:
    High definition web camera with "Pan Tilt Zoom" feature, such as a Logitech PTZ Pro and AVer CAM520
  • 1 Microphone:
    Echo canceling desk mount microphone, such as a Revolabs UC1500, Logitech Group, or integrated audio system with DSP, amplifiers, ceiling mic and speakers for boardrooms
  • 1 Mac or PC:
    i7 dual core processor (Mac Mini) or i7 quad core processor (PC)
  • 1 Touchscreen:
  • 1 Controller:
    iPad or iPad Mini
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