Service Quality Matters: Wainhouse Research Discusses Recent Findings on Meetings and Phone (2021)

Zoom commissioned Wainhouse Research to answer the following question:

How can we objectively evaluate the quality of meetings and calling audio, video, and performance?

Wainhouse Infographic

A visual overview of the Wainhouse Research Meetings and Phone Quality Study.

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Wainhouse Evaluation- Enterprise Calling (Q4 2020)

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Wainhouse Quality Evaluation: Enterprise Meetings and Calling

In this short video, Bill Haskins of Wainhouse Research describes the Meetings and Phone quality study methodology and findings.

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Wainhouse Research Discusses Recent Findings on Meetings and Phone

Watch this on-demand webinar for a deep dive on the meetings and phone quality study and findings.

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Which Meeting and Calling Solutions Objectively Deliver the Best Quality Experience?

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Wainhouse Evaluation- Enterprise Meetings | Video (Q4 2020)

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