Re-enter offices with a video conference room solution that enables safe, hybrid workforce collaboration

Zoom Rooms Enhancements to Help Customers Re-enter the Office & Enable Hybrid Workforces

Virtual Receptionist (Zoom Rooms Kiosk Mode)

With the new Zoom Rooms Kiosk Mode, visitors to your building can walk up to a branded display and remotely engage a receptionist virtually over Zoom.

Available in beta now.

Zoom Rooms Smart Gallery

For remote attendees to have improved face-to-face communication, Zoom Rooms Smart Gallery will use AI to create a gallery-view of in-room participants.

This feature is currently on the roadmap for 2021.

Enhanced Voice Commands for Zoom Rooms

  • Alexa for Business gives users the freedom to manage meetings and more. Start a meeting by simply saying “Alexa, start meeting”.
  • You can also use Zoom’s set of voice commands to control meetings hands-free.

Control Zoom Rooms From a Mobile Device or Laptop

In-room attendees can pair their mobile or laptop device with the Zoom Room to manage the room controls without touching a shared device.

Zoom Rooms Control via mobile is expected to be supported by the end of year, while desktop availability is planned for shortly after.

Zoom Rooms Scheduling Display People Counting

Before entering a meeting room, attendees can view the number of people already in the room and whether it’s at capacity amid social distancing protocols.

Scheduling Display is expected to support in-room people counting by the end of 2020.

Suite of Zoom Whiteboarding Enhancements

In 2021, Zoom plans to enhance whiteboarding across mobile, desktop, and rooms with features like infinite canvas, persistent whiteboard, snapshots, templates, and more.

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