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Learn how we collect, use, and disclose personal data via our website and services.


Privacy practices

You trust us to connect you to the people that matter. We value that trust more than anything else. We want you to know what data we collect and how we use it to provide our service.

General Privacy Statement
Read about our Privacy and Security
Applicant Privacy Statement
K-12/Primary and Secondary Schools Privacy Statement

Data Processing

See the terms that we adhere to when processing customer data and learn about the suppliers that process customer content on our behalf.

See the Global DPA Sign our SCCsSee our Subprocessors

Global Privacy Compliance

Zoom complies with global privacy frameworks and have implemented data protection and privacy practices into our products and processes.

Whitepapers and Notices

Read how Zoom is compliant with privacy regulations.

HIPAA Whitepaper FERPA Whitepaper PHIPA Whitepaper GDPR Notice


Learn how we use cookies on our website and how you can control them.

Cookie Policy

About Our Privacy Program

Zoom’s Privacy Team is responsible for the management and development of Zoom's external and internal privacy programs, ensuring compliance with US and international privacy regulations, and evaluating the privacy practices of our suppliers.

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