Get More Out of Your Zoom Meetings

Six game-changing features you won't be able to live without

Immersive View

Miss being able to meet with people in the same room? We have a (virtual) solution! Recreate the feel of your class or conference room by placing video participants onto a single virtual background. Choose a specific scene or upload your own and participants will automatically be placed onto the scene!

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Blurred Background

Did you forget to make your bed or want to hide the clutter behind you? Sure you can use a virtual background, but if you don’t want to change your environment you can simply blur your background!

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Enhanced Data Privacy

We value your privacy which is why we inform you who can see and save content shared in Zoom before you participate in the meeting. This is one of the ways we protect you.

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Zoom Phone Power Pack

Are you handling consistent call volume? Then Zoom Phone Power Pack add-on is perfect for you. With a sleek desktop experience, persistent awareness panel, you can now easily manage calls with your team and provide a superior customer experience. On top of that, there are real-time analytics, reports, and much more.

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PowerPoint as Virtual Background

Not sure where to look during a presentation? Do you look at the speaker or the PowerPoint? Now you can do both! Set your PowerPoint as your virtual background and place yourself on top of the PowerPoint. Easily move and resize your video to make sure you don’t block any crucial information.

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Live Transcription

Help participants more easily follow conversations, or meet accessibility requirements by enabling closed captioning. Choose between manual captioning, integrated third party captioning, or Zoom’s live transcription.

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Take your meetings to the next level

Utilize these incredible features, and see all the other items Zoom offers to deliver an exceptional video experience.

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